Support-free design contest winners!

Support-free design contest winners!

The results are out! We have three winners for the Support-free Design Contest! We asked you to submit great, easy to print designs that were support-free. We got a lot of great entries, but we had to choose three. Here are your winners!


Third Place Winner

American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse pinshape 3d modelling

Mr. MegaTronic’s American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse

Never have we seen a house this well thought out: two entrances, upper ventilation, and sloped drains to redirect water and fluids. Did we mention that it’s a birdhouse? 

This crazy design will provide birds with a house fancier than ones their bird brains have dared to dream about. The body of the house prints as one piece, with the porch, chimney, and a few other accessories separate allowing you to print support-free. This may be a long print, but all your neighborhood birds will thank you. 

Mr. MegaTronic wins: 
– a Pinshape t-shirt!


Second Place Winner

3d kit bash skull box with brain 3d modelling

3DKitbash’s Boneheads: Skull Box w/ Brain

This design won us over with its simple printing process! It prints as a single part that folds into a box. The box and brain prints separately, making it easy for your to make your print pop with a different colored brain. 

3DKitbash’s designs show how you can use different ways to make easy to print designs without supports. They’ve designed skulls that snap together with pegs. Although a tiny bit of post-assembly is required, the results look very nice and you don’t have to spend hours removing supports and rafts! 

3DKitbash wins: 
– 2 rolls of filament from Filamelt
– a Pinshape t-shirt!


First Place Winner

pinshape scarab beetle lock box 3d modelling

Louise Driggers’ Scarab Beetle Box (with secret lock) 

Our first place winner is Louise Driggers, or more fondly known as Loubie in the 3D printing community!

Her scarab beetle is intricate in design, but still easy to print. No need to mess with generating supports, and you have to option to print different parts of the box in a variety of colors as each part is its own file. The engineering behind how this box operates wow-ed us, and she included a great description to accompany the design. Detailed instructions were linked to, allowing anyone to successfully print and assemble this box.  We’re happy to announce Louise as our winner! 

Einstart 3D printer pinshape 3d modelling

Louise wins:
– An Einstart-S Desktop 3D Printer
– 2 rolls of filament from Filamelt

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all those who entered! It’s plain to see that the Pinshape community has wonderful designers. If you want to put your skills to the test, why not check out other contests that are currently going on?

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