Batman v Superman Contest Winners Announced!

Batman v Superman Contest Winners Announced!

It’s Superman v Batman! We had a lot of fun going through all the entries for this design contest – it’s one of our most popular contests yet! Amazing design work from all entrants, we were really impressed and it was a tough job to pick only three winners. 

Since we received so many amazing submissions, we had to give honourable mention to some of the top contenders. Here are some of the awesome designs we received that were in our Top 10 (in no particular order)! 


Honourable Mention

Gotham Lamp by FLOWALISTIK


Nice work by FLOWALISTIK – full points for technical excellence! He made sure this support free design was easy to print and ripe for modifications. See full details including source files and instructions on how to put it together on the design page. 


The Dark Knight’s Grapple Gun Cosplay by CollectorCNC


CollectorCNC also did a great job with technical excellence! He printed it out himself and included suggestions on print settings. Check it out! 


Batman’s Grenade Launcher 1:1 scale (Batman vs Superman) by MillersMadDesigns


This is a functional design of the replica gun as seen in the Batman v Superman movie! It requires minimal supports and there is a video and pictures to show how it works. Be the first to print it and show it off on Pinshape! 


Flying Lego Batman by daveyclk


This lego batman was designed with snap-fit parts for easy assembly. And yes, he actually flies! Print it out and test it out for yourself.  


Dark Knight Lamp by areynolds15


Who knew batman could be so beautiful! We love this voroni style lamp that was inspired by the cityscape of Gotham. Keep up the great work areynolds15


Batman Vs Superman Speaker Wall Stand by Carl Ɛspzar

container_batman-vs-superman-speaker-wall-stand-3d-printing-81707 (1)

This artistic design by Carl Ɛspzar is also practical and doubles as a speaker stand.  He printed it out and gave some tips on settings for optimal print results on the design page.


Batmobile Tumbler by dodo2000


We love the incredible detail in this Bat-mobile (from Dark Knight) design by dodo2000! It was designed to print easily on FDM printers so we can’t wait to see all the different variations the community prints. 


After much deliberation from the judges… here are the winners!!


Third Place 

Clip-On Pocket Bat-Signal by 3DNG

Sometimes the best things come in small packages! This certainly holds true for this sweet clip on “bat signal”. A very creative design and it even comes with three different clip ons with different versions of the bat logo. Congratulations! You’ve won a subscription to Simplify3D


Second Place 

Kryptonite tea light designed by xadow

This isn’t your every day tea lamp! Not only is this a creative design but it’s support free. Designer xadow printed it out himself and goes over optimal settings right on the page! Thanks for all the detail – we expect to see a few more of these printed out in the next few weeks. Congratulations! You’ve won a Mini-Fabrikator 3D Printer ($180 USD value) from Hobby King and 5 rolls of assorted filament from Formfutura ($193 USD Value).  




First Place 

Batman Grapple Gun (functional toy gun) by MakersPlace

It doesn’t just look cool – it works! This is a functioning toy gun with a projectile hook. The detail in this design is fantastic. It comes complete with a stand and room for an LED light for the bottom of the gun. Optimal print settings and a list of non printed parts are also included on the design page. Congratulations! You’ve won a Flashforge Dreamer Dual Extrusion 3D Printer ($1,099 USD value) and 5 rolls of assorted filament from Formfutura ($193 USD Value)! 


Congratulations again to all our winners! One of our staff will get in touch with you on how to claim your prize. Big thank-you to our sponsors Flashforge, FormfuturaHobby King, and Simplify3D for sponsoring the awesome prizes for this contest! Another special thanks to our judges for doing the tough part and choosing from these amazing selection of entries. 

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry! We’ve got another contest launching soon and you won’t want to miss what the 1st prize is… psst – I hear it’s from Formlabs! 


Head to Pinshape to check out more
awesome Batman v Superman designs! 

 mike-king 3d printer support structures

  • Michael Miller

    For future contests, I would advise you guys to warn the people who decide to enter that they should physically 3d print the objects to have any chance of actually winning. I believe I lost because of this reason which is really disappointing.

  • Maarten Kurver

    Congratulations to the winners

    My favorite has become third .

    on to the next great design challenge

  • Mikebit

    Congrats to the winners but I have to agree with Michael Miller I have entered a lot of 3D printer contests and all the winners have a 3D printer of there own or have access to one. Like many others I can not afford a 3D printer plus I am house bound because of mental health problems how can 3D printing be brought to everyone when the only winners of these contests already own a 3D printer. There should be prizes for people who don’t have a printer, all contests should be fair and unbiased shame on pinshape for running this one sided contest .

  • Hi Michael,
    This is one of the most competitive competitions to date so we hope this hasn’t dissuaded you from entering into those in the future! We do take images into account and you can see this in the score breakdown. We try to make these contests as inclusive as possible and that’s why we’ve made presentation the least impactful of the categories but for contests that have this many incredible entries, it can make a difference.

  • Mikebit

    So you are saying that it was an unfair contest, that to win a 3D printer you need to already have a 3D printer. It has in my opinion put a negative mark against your good name.looking at all the entry’s there were many others more detailed and well designed than the 3 winners. And as for the main winner there a store there on Twitter and facebook this I find is like a big slap in the face to all the entry’s by people who just can not afford there own printer and competition like this is there only hope to ever getting one ????

  • 3DNG

    Wow!!! Thank you very much! Im so happy!
    I can’t believe it! Will put this to good use 🙂

    Thank you Pinshape!

  • 3DNG

    Wow!!! Thank you very much! Im so happy!
    I can’t believe it! Will put this to good use!

    Thank you Pinshape!

  • Great job to all entries and the winners! Well deserved prizes for the top 3. Congratulations!

  • Jeremy Siegfried

    Calm down. One factor that you are forgetting is that these are name-brand, easy-to-assemble and -print units (and subscription software). If you are the least bit handy (or patient), and can deal with a generic printer straight from China, go to The shipping is free, and the kits are cheap. I snagged a sturdy, aluminum, dual extruder printer with auto leveling and potential for a laser cutter attachment, all for just over $500. It’s still alive and kicking. There a daily specials on the various brands of kits, and there are always simple options for less than $300, sometimes less than even $200 (as of this writing).
    As for software, I use Slic3r in Repetier-Host for slicing, and FreeCAD for designing my own, single-use models (both are free). The more you pay for stuff, the less patience you need to use it.

  • Jeremy Siegfried

    The kryptonite tea light is a nice use of transparent filament.

  • Josh Ford

    I really disagree with the top 3 and honorable mentions too. If this was a true design contest then there were ALLOT better “designs” then the ones that were the winners. Besides Michael’s design you had Athena’s shield, some amazing statues along with a few other amazing designs. Not to mention your second place winner was a knock-off of the picture used for the contest itself. I honestly feel the selection was rigged and I am not sure if I will be posting to future contests.

  • The judges are judging the entries and so it is there feeling on which design is best in their eyes and so its going to be different from what you think.

  • Hi Josh,
    I understand your concern and this is something we very much try to avoid which is why none of the judging is done by Pinshape staff. All of our judges are community members and in fact if you’d like to sign up to judge future contests you can do so as a Pinshape ambassador! The judges took a number of factors into consideration including design, technical excellence, and presentation. We always make sure to outline each category on the contest page.

  • Josh Ford

    I fully understand that. They should have stricter judging requirements or more criteria for judging. For a design competition the final designs didn’t really thrill me or anyone I know. (the first place design is definitely a great design and definitely should’ve been a top placer. Dont think I am bashing his design cause it is an amazing design and exactly what should’ve been in the final selections.) Athena’s shield didnt even get an honorable mention and it was very impressive. I am just saying that for future contests they need to come up with better judging criteria or something. I know allot of people who were following this and it left a bad taste in all of their mouths. Your break caliber design that won in a previous contest is a great example of a well done design. There’s thought and effort put into it. Lots of time and consideration.

  • Nate Schnase

    This contest had TONS of great designs! The Pinshape community is truly talented, and I really aspire to become as skilled as many of the community members already are!

    THANK YOU, Pinshape, judges and sponsors for putting in your time, money, and effort to host a great contest. Your support helps make the 3D printing community better!

  • Nate Schnase

    I get the feeling that the Pinshape staff really cares about the success of this community. I truly hope that you give them the benefit of the doubt and instead of allowing yourself to feel resentful, use this outcome to fuel the creative fire and put it into your next design!

  • David S Clarke

    Cool, thanks for the Honourable mention… Next time… 🙂