Pinshape Featured Designs – May 18th

Pinshape Featured Designs – May 18th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find a number of functional models and assemblies that are great for showing off the quality of your 3D printer. Looking to explore new fabrication methods? Check out this week’s tutorial on the 5 Essential Tools for Your Makerspace. 

Snap-Out NYC Boroughs by 3DBrooklyn

3DBrooklyn has designed snap-out plates for both Manhattan and Brooklyn, and hopes to add more boroughs in the future. Print these out in one piece, and twist away each of the individual components. 

Woman and Dragon by Sonia Verdu

This intricate design by Sonia Verdu is great for showing off the quality of your 3D printer. This works best on resin based machines like the Formlabs Form 2. 

Drone Claw by Adafruit 

Hobbyist drones have historically been great for photography, but have lacked much practical application beyond that. Turn your hobbyist drone into a functional transporter with this tutorial by Adafruit. 

Golden Wave Lamp by jobsmolders

This newest print by jobsmolders makes for a simple two part print and looks great with the addition of an LED. Make the top component quickly and seamlessly using your slicer’s vase mode setting. 
Echo Dot Bat by riskable 

Looking to add a bit of flair to your Amazon Echo or Google Home Mini? Throw on these Bat Wings which are split into two components so that you can use whichever color combination you’d like. 

Graffiti Bot Helmet (Mad Max Inspired) by Carmelo Nazario

Halloween may be a ways out, but it’s never too soon to start preparing your costume. This graffiti bot helmet inspired by Mad Max can either print in one or two components and makes for a great costume! 


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  • Harold

    Hi, I’m brand new at this. I have a Anycubic i3 and having a blast with it. I have a small part that needs to be turned into a G-Code so that I can print it. The part is for a dust cover on an old BMW disk brake. I have know idea how to do this. I am looking for someone I can sent the part to , that would be willing to make the G-Code for me until I learn how to do it myself. Any help would be great.

  • Harold

    How to make a printable part.

  • Vulcan17

    Hi Harold
    i would suggest dowloading Cura ( because it is free and easy to get started. That way you will be able to create your own G-Code by opening the file and either saving the G-Code to an SD card or printing directly by USB.
    Good luck

  • Wonderful 3d printed models are there and the detailing is awesome!! Specially the “Woman and Dragon” model. Even I have worked on some 3d models, you can check that here: