Madesolid Filament Contest Winners Announced

Madesolid Filament Contest Winners Announced

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the Madesolid filament contest!

We had 1,359 total entries from both the social sharing and print photo entry methods. It was really fun to look at all the photos of designs you printed on Pinshape and see the activity and sharing through social media. We loved the shoutouts you gave us!  


Madesolid Filament


There are 200 winners for this contest who each get a roll of Madesolid PET+ filament! Instead of posting all 200 winners on the blog (because that would be a lot of scrolling), winners were all notified individually by e-mail (so be sure to check your spam folder just in case). Congratulations to all our lucky winners! Once you use the filament for your next creation, post it on social media and tag us. We’d love to see what you create!


Madesolid Filament


Special thank-you to Madesolid who provided the filament for the contest, you guys rock! If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry – we’ve got another contest coming soon, so stay tuned and in the meantime, check out the latest designs to 3D print!

Madesolid Filament

We’d love to hear from you! 

Once you’ve printed with your MadeSolid filament, comment below with the link to your design! Or tweet at us and we’d love to see what you made.

Don’t know what to print? Head over to Pinshape to find some designs! 

Until next time, Pinshapers



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  • Woo hoo! Thanks Pinshape. The following link is to the product we’ve won, correct? A 1 lb spool of PET+ filament:

  • Correct Andy! We’ve updated the blog with a link to the product. Thanks for the pick-up 🙂

  • Chris Halliday

    Well done to all the winners! Such a huge chance for all entry’s to win with this style of contest.

  • Toby Lankford

    Thank you pinshape and make solid!!

  • Steven Suslick

    Thanks now I just have to learn how to modify my Da Vinci to utilize any filament. Can not wait to receive the new spool

  • Arnaud Le Bot

    I entered the Core Robot #Contest and won at the Madesolid Contest ! Thanks #Pinshape and madesolid for the price ! i’m waiting the filament and will not miss to share the printing i’ll do with 🙂


    PINSHAPE,MADESOLID ,and we are happy to be part of this great community really high level,congratulations to all of the Maker,to all the staff PINSHAPE,thanks so much to the sponsor MADESOLID gave support to this great comunity.

  • Maarten Kurver

    thanx to pinshape and madesolid for the contest and the price.
    when the filament is diliverd i will print something to share it.

  • Carmelo Nazario

    Thank you guys!!! Thank you madesolid!! *Dancing* Can’t wait to design!! *throwing hips around violently* To make something awesome with this!! .. Thank you @pinshape:disqus and MadeSolid for helping us printers have a chance to geek out and get recognized for our cool works. 🙂 !!! *starts dancing again!* Congrats EVERBOOOOOOOOOOODY!!!!