Introducing Uprising – Weekly Free 3D Modelling

Introducing Uprising – Weekly Free 3D Modelling

Hey everyone!

I’m really excited to announce the newest part of the pinshape experience; Uprising, our weekly free 3D modelling contest!

uprising - free 3D modellingUprising is a way for EVERYONE to join the 3D revolution and participate in the creative process, even if you are just hearing about 3D printing for the very first time. It’s a place to express your interesting and unique ideas for 3D printed products to the world, and have 3D professionals turn your idea into reality with free 3D modelling! Our team will professionally design the uprising with the most upvotes at midnight EDT/EST each Sunday.

uprising flow - free 3D modelling

The way it works is simple:

1. Start an uprising. To do this, all you need is an idea. Tell us your idea for a 3D printable product you’d like to see designed by our team and made available to the world. All you need is a description of your idea, and a picture to go along with it.

2. Get support for your uprising. Once you’ve started an uprising, you need to get others to support it if you want to take the top spot and have our team design it. You can use the built in share buttons, or share the contest any way you like to get more upvotes.

3. Win the week. If at Midnight EST/EDT on a Sunday your uprising has the most upvotes, your uprising becomes successful. Our in house 3D modellers will then create your idea over the next few days, and then we’ll release it for the world to enjoy, and give you a shout out in the process.


When you’re thinking of an idea, as long as it fits in these basic guidelines, you should be good to go!

  • must comply with pinshape’s content policy
  • must be possible for our team to design it in 1-2 days


To help get your creative juices flowing, you can take a look at all the other uprisings that have been started and upvote any you think are cool. As a quick tip, here are some categories that might be successful (although anything else would also be great!).

  • ideas that solve a problem – a design to solve a problem that many people might have
  • pop culture – a current or trending idea or figure that would be recognizable
  • desk toys – people love playing with things, so think of something fun and compact


We can’t wait to see all the innovative and interesting stuff you all come up with! With that in mind, what are you waiting for?

Start an uprising now!



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