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Small alien1 By Trevor “Ice” z on Oct 31 2016
The MBot Cube 3D printer

The MBot Cube 3D printer


After looking at all the 3D printers at the time I chose Mbot Cube built kit, for a number of reasons...

1. it’s a Dual headed printer

2.  At the time, it matched the high end printers for the bed size (build plate) 200x210x180mm

3. & of course the price, I paid $609 Au for the Dual head printer

(& it comes with a Tool kit !!!) Side Cutters, Pliers, an array of alan keys, scraper & a SD card...


Now being my first 3D printer & a build kit as well, it took me about day & a half to put it together. It was pretty straight forward. As for printing, they suggested using Mprint, you can download from their website for free, it’s just as good as most of the others.  Mprint is your final stage before printing. With a limited but straight forwarded set of commands :- View point, Move- across the build plate, Size change, Rotate, Extruder option ~left or right extruder, & Settings to let you set the resolution an quality of your print. & that’s about all...

The Mbot Cube isn’t all shiny when you open the box. Because it’s a build kit “flat pact” they use 5mm sheets of ply for all the walls, That’s easily replaced with sheets of PVC or acrylic of any colour. All of the inner parts like, X-Y-Z motos, sensors, motherboard, rails, belts, ~~ are set to a high quality. If you do ever have any problems, they have a 24/7 support on their website with an open chat where you can talk to someone or leave a message.

As I started to print I made mistakes like we all do... to hot, to cold, I got impatient & tried speeding it up half way through a print (you can see what happened with the head I made). But after a while I got the hang of it & I think the MBot Cube is well worth it money.


The Mbot has a LCD display just on 50 x 100mm with a 5 button input pad, so it’s quite easy to make little adjustments while you’re printing, or change setting before you start your print.   It has a “cold bed” as standard build plate, but at MBot 3D website you can buy a heated bed for a cheep $98 Au, that still makes the MBot a affordable printer & equal to some of the $1000+ printers!!.  I’ve printed several projects that have lasted 23-25 hours & had no problem. One outstanding feature is the ‘Copy.stl Feature’ where you can several prints that are identical out of each of the extruders at the same time.  I have made a full size scull using pla no problems, I’ve have made all the models I have up on this site & others using pla , abs & some in pva.    


The Mbot is my first printer, I haven’t really got anything to judge it off so if you think your printer better it just might be, but the Mbot 3D Cube dose everything I want, it’s never let me down and it a affordable to the average person, it’s half price to others. But in the run its down to the buyer what they want I guess..   

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