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The Micro 3D printer has lots of colors to choose from and a compact design. The printer comes with replaceable print beds and nozzles and it's own sofware which is compatible with Microsoft Windows. You can view your downloads in a library stored on the printer and access it anytime.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
128 x 128 x 128
Layer Resolution
50-350 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
245° C
Open Source
Closed Hardware

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Avatar small By Masterofdisco on Dec 07 2016
Great printer

when trying to install it on my PC there was a USB problem. I emailed support and they got back to me very quickly with a solution to my problem. They are an amazing company with affordable spools and accessories.

Small 1236228 10151928674093993 769662908 n By kevin_stein on Dec 10 2016
First 3d Printer

I bought this from Kickstarter. I had a lot of issues with it in later uses, but initially, I plugged it in, and it just worked. I'm not a fan of the way the nozzle is cleaned (taking apart and screwing back and a whole bunch of other stuff) but, again, it's the first 3d printer I've had, and it's done alright by me. I use off the shelf PLA and everything works fine. 

The main problem I've had is with prints deforming at the base of the print. Without a heated base, I've found no way to overcome this.

Avatar small By scuigy on Dec 20 2016
You get what you pay for.

Its an ok beginners printer but be prepared to take a crash course in the workings of a 3D printer if you want to have success in using it. Many google searchs, forum posts, and help manuals are needed to use this printer on a regular basis. All in all if you have the money buy a more expensive printer like Makerbot but if you're looking for an ongoing project look no further than the M3D.

Small 15966326 10154279483911984 1002546463816238717 n By paola_buitrago on Jan 14 2017
M3D Micro Review

It's an easy to use printer, good resolution, but not so great precision. It's great for beginners.

Small 18033290 10155992199568357 2386189064682428841 n By renaud_jungmann on Apr 23 2017
A good small printer to start. Not expansive and easy to use, perfect for my 14 yo child

A good small printer to start. Not expansive and easy to use, perfect for my 14 yo child 

We tested different material, Speed, temp. 

Now my child is a maker as he download models on internet and print it as he wants. He know the pros and cons and the use of a 3D printer. Now he know that he can build its own objects. He's starting to make some with sketch up. 

We use the printer from the day it was delivered. The machine is good even if sometime printing goes buggy. But hey, it's a 300$ printer. 

The printing software is good for basic operation but definitely need to be upgraded. 

There's a lot of bug. For example you can't manipulate the object to place it or scale it easily.

But you can make it work. 

Small 522821 429779463744801 1039080340 n By jacob322 on Apr 30 2017
If it not for my friend's recommendation, I would not have bought it

It's ready to use, but guaranteed to overheat. And there is not much things in the machine for you to tinker with. No heated print bed so you're pretty much stuck with PLA

Small  2 By RONRAYSING on Jul 01 2017
recommended for starters

best for quick simple small prints, easy to use.

downside is, it has no memory.

Avatar small By morganjent4 on Aug 12 2017
Good for first time 3D printers

I'm new to 3D printing and so far it is easy to use but alot of clean up. Not for very complicated things. The guy we got it from build his new 3D printer with the prints from this printer and I will be doing the same.

Avatar small By Thalra on Apr 10 2018
Good for a newbie

So far I am loving my new 3d printer. This has been an easy learning experience so far for just printing. My only problem I have is trying to do smaller thin prints they don't stick well to the unheated bed and when you print it on a raft it sticks too much. I have looked into ways to get around this and as such I have a glass base coming that should help me print right on the base without the raft. Other than that I have had nothing but a good time on this small little surface....great for beginning!

Avatar small By ahajdu on Apr 13 2018
As a first time user i found the set up and use of this printer easy.

This is a good starter printer which allows you to explore and learn the art of 3D printing. The printer should come with the bracket for holding the reels externally as it is only a small clip on bracket. I made my own spool holder with the printer as an exercise. Fun to use and my grandkids love the things i make for them.

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