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The Micro 3D printer has lots of colors to choose from and a compact design. The printer comes with replaceable print beds and nozzles and it's own sofware which is compatible with Microsoft Windows. You can view your downloads in a library stored on the printer and access it anytime.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
128 x 128 x 128
Layer Resolution
50-350 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
245° C
Open Source
Closed Hardware

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Small  2 By RONRAYSING on Jul 01 2017
recommended for starters

best for quick simple small prints, easy to use.

downside is, it has no memory.

Avatar small By morganjent4 on Aug 12 2017
Good for first time 3D printers

I'm new to 3D printing and so far it is easy to use but alot of clean up. Not for very complicated things. The guy we got it from build his new 3D printer with the prints from this printer and I will be doing the same.

Avatar small By Thalra on Apr 10 2018
Good for a newbie

So far I am loving my new 3d printer. This has been an easy learning experience so far for just printing. My only problem I have is trying to do smaller thin prints they don't stick well to the unheated bed and when you print it on a raft it sticks too much. I have looked into ways to get around this and as such I have a glass base coming that should help me print right on the base without the raft. Other than that I have had nothing but a good time on this small little surface....great for beginning!

Avatar small By ahajdu on Apr 13 2018
As a first time user i found the set up and use of this printer easy.

This is a good starter printer which allows you to explore and learn the art of 3D printing. The printer should come with the bracket for holding the reels externally as it is only a small clip on bracket. I made my own spool holder with the printer as an exercise. Fun to use and my grandkids love the things i make for them.

Avatar small By paperboy779 on May 22 2019
Sadly nonfunctional.

I got this printer as a gift which means I couldn't get customer service to work with me, ever.

Long story short I've ever only printed two things with lots of struggling to make this thing work.  And that is because someone up above must've been thinking of my interests, because getting this thing to work is nothing short of a miracle.

It's a 3D Printer so bad that it melted itself, quite literally.  I have a small hole in the plastic near the build platform from the print head getting too close to it during a failed print.

To make things worse you can never get it calibrated and it will always try to calibrate itself before everything making huge wastes of time with the software doesn't work.

The internal keep your filament inside the printer idea is nice but sadly never worked once for me, you have to fill it through a little hole at the top externally.

I'm almost insulted that someone gave this to me from how poorly it works and how much of a headache it's been to even get partial functionality from.  Never again will I use it.  I'll throw it in the trash soon and keep the filament for whenever I get a proper 3D printer.

Avatar small By leeblack2018 on Sep 24 2019
Thanks for having something to start with.

not now.

Avatar small By Rodrigo Alves Dias on Feb 17 2020
A good and pratice printer.

It' s a easy and pratice to print with this product.

I recommend. 

Avatar small By Steven Jochums on May 09 2020
A good starter 3D printer, but with limitations

I've owned the M3D Micro + 3D printer for about three years now. We have had our share of successes with the Micro+, but we've also sen some lackluster performance in other prints we've tried.

One the whole, it's a nicely designed product. While there is space under the print bed for a spool of 3D ink filament, the location makes it hard to change easily and real difficult if the filament jams. I've gone to the "external feed" mode almost from the beginning. 

We've also had a more serious failure with the printer, as the sockets in the molded plastic lower frame broke and allowed the bearings used to center and control the X-axis and Y-axis drive posts on that corner to roam free. Needless to say, it caused some real problems in print quality. I was able to get a replacement base from M3D, pandemic not withstanding, at a reasonable cost and enough support to do the disassembly and reassembly of the machine. 

I have looked at the output of other 3D printers, which do not cost that much more (if at all) than the Micro + and they seem to be better at producing high quality prints. When  the Micro's base cracked, we did order another 3D printer "just in case," so I will be able to compare results soon. 

The M3D Micro + has been a good learning experience and now that it's back in good working order, we'll be using it more agian. I'll wait to pass final judgement when we have another printer to compare against. 

Avatar small By drgn369 on Sep 16 2020
A disappointment for the price

the printer seems to be unusable most of the time , model load errors, no real manual. no community that I can find , nothing has been updated since I bought it.

Avatar small By Vengent Venom on Jan 25 2021
A good printer

It is a great printer for young or beginning makers, the M3D Micro+ was given to me as a gift by a family friend and I have made some cool stuff. It does not have many fails of prints and works great as long as you know what you are doing with it.

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