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Small 3diest By 3diest on Oct 22 2018
Worth of money and Right 3D printer to Get started.

I had buyed My Tevo Tarantula in just 180 USD , since it is a 3D printer kit so i enjoyed assembling this ,and learned a lot about 3D printers, parts and calibration. Because of that it helped me in building a confidence in this 3D printing technology and now even i can make 3D printers and troubleshoot as well. I will highly recommend this 3D printer TEVO TARANTULA .

Small 3prcsquare By 3D Printed RC on Oct 30 2018
Good for its price

Its good for its price. But before it prints good you will have to make alot of upgrades

Avatar small By suffessorzizzle on Dec 11 2018
Tevo Tarantula

I was referred to this brand of printer by a stranger that had a good experience with it as a novice maker. I bought off Alibaba as this was a very cheap why to try a 3D printer. A big plus for me was that there is a wealth of youtube videos and excellent facebook groups for it. I was impressed how well branded and packaged the printer came. Took me 2 nights to build. Being an engineer, I can see where the quality of the manufacturing materials is on the cheap side, but amazingly you can 3D print really easy mods that make the print quality better. Build plate support, joint connections, LCD holder, spool holders, are essential first prints. I also love that the controller has firmware is fully hackable (programmable) with lots of people with builds, sensors and mods that they have written code for. I also like that this controller allows me to scale the system too, just need to find a big 3rd party heated build plate. I've been quite impressed with its quality in PLA builds and I'm sorting out some issues with ABS printing which has needed me to build a heated chamber for larger parts. I've been using Cura v3.4 - v3.6 and it works great.

Small wp 20190210 09 15 58 pro By TomasTN on Apr 04 2019
Pleasant surprise

A good printer for a start. Perfect combination of price/performance. You will learn everything about 3D printing, the hard way.  But thanks to huge comunity of users, you will solve every problem and move on.

And after one year of service? I can say, pretty reliable little machine. Yes, a lot of upgrades needed, but thats the pat of the bussines with cheap "china" products. 

If you want print perfectly right after you unbox your printer, Tevo is not for you. But if you want to learn something, go ahead and buy something like Tarantula. I had no major issues with it, and if something brake...well, you buy some spare parts for a funny amount of money.

Avatar small By corey's 3d basement on May 01 2019

i have about 100 hours ish and i like it every day even more

Avatar small By Timothy Waldvogel on Sep 18 2019
This is a good printer for the person who wants to upgrade their printer before printing

This is a good printer for the person who wants to upgrade their printer before printing. If you want to print your own parts, upgrade your printer and turn it into a whole new beast, this is for you. If you want a reliable printer with amazing prints out of the box with easy to read assembly instructions, this is not for you. 

Avatar small By GearTuga on Dec 23 2019
Tevo Tarantula Pro

Good printer

Avatar small By [email protected] on Jan 02 2020
Печатает сразу после сборки.

После дополнения в конструкции печатает почти идеально 

Avatar small By Erkin Çatalkaya on Mar 13 2020
Too much hasle

Keeps breaking on me and is too loud to be a homr/school printer

Small 20190520 180855 By Shootingblanks00 on Mar 14 2020
Ok if you can get it to print

I have had it for a while and at one time it worked very well. I basically got 2 printers for the price of one. I bought an A8 clone from ebay and had problems with it but smart on my part, bought insurance so I got my money back and then bought theTurantula. I've done a few printed part upgrades but starting having problems and have too many other things going on to take the time to work on it. Maybe someday liked while I am on paid leave because of the Corona hoax i can sit down with it for a while to see if I can get it going again. If you are going to get a 3D printer, save your money and get a Raise3D N2. You will not be disappointed.

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