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Avatar small By yiorgos stolis on Apr 16 2020

Good price ,flexibility , great community help . 

Avatar small By Jukka Nenonen on Apr 29 2020

Bought a second-hand Tarantula for 75 €, knowing it would need some TLC... After basically tearing it all apart, re-building and adjusting, I got it working. I tried it with Marlin 2, Repetier but finally switched to Octoprint & Klipper. Added second Z stepper and after a couple bed leveling and mesh calibrating sessions, it now happily prints PLA at 60 mm/sec.

As I've been previously re-building some car & motocycle engines and have been running a cnc mill & router, I didn't find it difficult to work with the Tarantula but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who is not technically capable.  I also tried to join to Facebook group but no one replied.

For the price, excellent purchase :-)

Avatar small By nVision on Jun 17 2020
First Printer - My experience

First and foremost, I came from a CNC machine building career and i'm a tinkerer.  So putting something like this together was both easy and fun for me.... I DO NOT think it might be the same for someone else without that background. The printer is as good as any other i3 prusa clone. The parts are decent quality. The printer printed great with good filaments for at least a year. After that you need to start upgrading things... which you'll have no problem doing if you're still printing things a year later.  Decent quality, medium build difficulty, but AMAZING value. You cant beat that value. 

Small p 20170112 095213 By eco-jeff on Jul 31 2020
The worst customer service in the world.

They make promises and never deliver on them.  I can only assume that their quality control is non-existent.  Even though they claim that they have warehouses worldwide,  don't count on it.  I purchased through Amazon which is the only reason I got any service.  They ended up having to ship a second one to me so I could attain parts that worked. Currently I'm preparing to upgrade the motherboard to Big Tree Tech SKR 1.4 Turbo.  MKS has customer service which is as bad as Tevo.  Don't buy  because of price.  Once you get it running how you want it,  you will have spent at least half more.

Avatar small By Noah Kessler on Aug 21 2020
Tevo trantula

what I love about this printer is that the software is easy to use and the designs are able to be transported if you use a different sd card the bad things about this printer is you need different sizes of allen wrenches I was not able to connect it to the software so I can only sd card print and not internet to the printer wheels are wobbly so you have to tighten the a centric nuts under the bed and behind the extruder I have had no luck getting nylon to stick to the heated print bed so I have to turn the heat off and use glue but even that doesn't work even with a raft so I suggest if you get this printer then you will have to tweak things as you go .

Avatar small By allredkunz on Feb 19 2021
Nice first 3D Printer and Easy to Assemble

My daughter is majoring in mechanical engineering at a well-respected university.  Their freshman engineering class assembles the Tevo Tarantula Pro as part of their training.  I thought that if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for me.  I received it and immediately started assembling it.  I had it up and running in an afternoon.  The instructions were easy to follow and understand; and the initial setup was a breeze.  Total cost with shipping was around $220 the fall of 2019 when I bought it. The software that came with it, Repetier-Host, is easy to use and works great.  I can print from my PC or the SD card.  My first print was flawless and of good quality.  It took me some time to level the bed and get the prints to not stick too hard.  I got advice from my daughter's friends and now use hair spray.  I told them about a 50/50 alcohol / water mix for unsticking prints, which works well.  I had some trouble setting the Z axis offset only because there was little info available that I could find.  With a bit of fiddling, I figured it out on the printer's menu and adjusted it for a good compromise between prints sticking too much and not enough.

I've printed a bunch of things with it.  I didn't print anything for a few months last summer and fall.  Then I started again and had no problems.  I've downloaded mostly publicly available .stl files and a couple of things I created myself.  All of them worked well with the printer and software supplied with it.

Avatar small By remfpage on Apr 11 2021
Nice Printer but Worst Technical Support

i love the printer but when your a newbie and asking for tech support. you will never find anyone on there site to help you. you have to do it on your own.

Avatar small By ViP3R_76 on May 16 2021
Homers Odysseus (orange Model 2020 - former Tarantula Pro)

Well, the support is not existing and the quality control for delivery of this printer (Homers Odysseus - 2020 orange Model - former Tarantula Pro) is simply bad. The Display cables have been around 15-20cm to short, many "round" screws and such things. Overall the printer is a good all day allrounder, the bed is sticking very well, even with 40 degrees on PLA, you have to put a little force to get the printed parts off the bed. PETG prints well with this one. The firmware that was preinstalled (Marlin) was buggy, so i compiled a fresh and new one with the latest marlin beeing available at this time. You get nice prints even at higher speed, for now i am testing to convert from marlin to klipper and the hotend should be replaced with a better one. It is no printer for absolute beginners but for intermediates it is a nice to have printer in this priceclass.

You have to build it with every screw, the description is good and you learn the complete functionality of this printer while building it. The only assembled part is the complete hotend with cooling parts, but you should recheck the nozzle before doing the first print (mine was a little bit on the loose side).

You can achieve really impressive prints with it, if you have some spare screws or want to "diy" yourself - get this one. If you want to get it out of the package and ready-to-run -> buy another brand.

Avatar small By TheOdLab on Jul 29 2021
Its the worst 3d printer

Its the worst 3d printer i have ever purchused it can't even print a single thing correcly

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