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Avatar small By Ja x on Apr 24 2020
Anet A6

Cheap, pushing better than I expected. Nothing professional, needs more frequent inspection and adjustment of the bed. Price-quality ratio - excellent.

Small img 20191031 112735 524 By Cipri on Apr 10 2020
Buena impresora para empezar

Si quieres comenzar a imprimir en 3D es una buena opción.

Avatar small By Casey Hunt on Apr 05 2020
Great first printer to learn and upgrade.

The A6 is a very affordable, low-end printer, that prints decently for your first few prints before absolutely requiring upgrades and maintenance to yield acceptable prints. In doing, you learn quickly about 3D printing if you are new to the hobby. You'll learn about properly setting tension on belts, upgrading our machine and what those upgrades mean for print quality. You'll learn about temperatures and adhesion.

Given the low cost of entry, there is plenty of money in the budget to make those inexpensive upgrades without breaking the bank. 

tl;dr Good learning machine. Decent print quality. Requires willingness to learn. Very much a tinkerer's machine.

Avatar small By OMGMYPANTS on Feb 23 2020
It's actually an anet a8 but Pinshape doesn't have that option!

I'll begin this by saying the stock a8 deserves a 1 star rating. However I went into this knowing full well I was buying a printer that would barely run enough to print upgrades for itself, and that is exactly what I did! Now the only thing left on my a8 is the rods, stepper motors, some of the wiring, the x/z gantry brackets, and the extruder J bracket--which is being replaced soon by a dual extruder.  I turned a piece of junk into a prusa mk3 killer for less than the price of an ender, and you can too. I've built 3 of these so far Check out the anet a8 group on facebook.

Avatar small By Reppa Kagura on Feb 14 2020
I got an A8

DIY A8 took 2h to assemble, after it's hours and hours of fun !  I use it with pla, at 50mm/s and 0.2mm, for various print, figures, arduino case, ps4 stand, each time i was really satisfied for a 100$ printer ^^. To start 3d print and test it's really an excellent product ! 

Avatar small By Ciprian on Feb 02 2020
It is a good cheap DIY printer.

A good printer, but not recommended for those who do not have an average level of technical knowledge. Needs some improvements, with low level of complexity. Periodic adjustments.

Avatar small By keith white on Feb 02 2020
good machine for beginers

bit frustrating at first as first ever 3d printer  something new to learn about

Small cameronsnow By Chinde on Jan 12 2020
A Really Good First Printer

Brilliant for getting off the starting blocks to find out if 3D Printing is a hobby to pursue.

Very few limitations - can try most projects due to decent size build plate and full set of features/functions (heated bed etc.). A priority is to upgrade and stabilise the printer itself to get the best out of it, but this alone is good practice for a beginner and the end result is a decent unit for long-term use. Prefectly good for our purposes and we're able to achieve the desired quality from it with just a little effort. Very happy with the purchase!!

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