Anet A6

by Anet
90% Recommended


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Avatar small By raptor_79 on Feb 20 2019
Good printer for makers

If you are a maker, you will like it.

Avatar small By collintupper on Feb 27 2019
good printer

Good printer .  upgrades are fun to do. and you learn a lot.

Avatar small By Valdr on Feb 27 2019
good printer for your money

Good printer. In process of operation it is finished, quality of the printed details thereby improves.

Avatar small By iamregistered on Mar 10 2019
Tinkerer welcome

If you like to tinker, this printer might be the right one. Otherwise this printer i can not advise.

Avatar small By John Boudouris on Mar 25 2019
Good value for descent printing quality

Kit is easy to build, print came out right away. Internet and community helps you make it better. Experience is needed with all printers to tweak the settings to suit your needs. Cheap, reliable, perfect for hobby.

Avatar small By Darren Dickson on Apr 18 2019
I love the Anet A8

I have the ANet A8 printer and whilst I have had to learn on the run and through YouTube, I have reached the point where I think my prints are of good quality or at least I am happy with the prints. That does not mean I will not keep trying for better but for now I can add the gcode and print without any measuring or resetting.

I have to say for the bottom price printer I am happy with the cost for the print well under the 2 hundred dollars 



Avatar small By Joe Dalton on Apr 30 2019
Great intro to 3d printing

Great fun to assemble and research how to calibrate and upgrade. I've printed a dozen Anet A6 upgrades to the printer from a great community of enthusiasts and have learned how to get good prints from this entry level printer. 

Avatar small By jskroch18 on May 02 2019
Great printer for the price.

Very easy kit to put together. Added ss washers myself but probably not needed. Nice rigid frame and indexing tabs make assembly a breeze. About 2 to 3 hours. Paid $229.

Upgraded firmware to latest Marlin. Added fused line switch, Y belt tensioner, and Z axis adjustable home switch. Attached a Raspberry Pi for more convenient printer control.

After learning experiences allmost  all prints are successful.

Easy to build,easy to operate, and I would recommend it to anyone with a bit of electrical and mechanical know how. 

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