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Avatar small By Neil Rodgers on Apr 28 2019
Easy to get great prints

My second self built printer. Build instructions and videos are great. It went together very well and the self calibration ensured the first print was very much better than anything my previous printer could produce. I have printed off Benchy and Treefrog both of which came out looking great first time. As was a Lithophane I have printed before on my first printer, produced this time to a much better quality but in a similar time. My only failure to date is 'Ball in a box' but this was printed, like all my prusa prints to date without a brim. I will re-slice with a brim on the ball and try again.

Overall impression is this Original Prusa MK3S printer is better than I expected it to be. Build instruction quality is second to none and will allow even inexperienced DIY builders to put together a quality printer. Delivery came in one week from me placing the order. My next purchase will be an upgrade to MMU2S so I'll be able to print in multi colour. 

Small angelo foto By ANBR on Apr 28 2019
Easy and precise

Highly reliable, robust and easy to use printer, the community is always ready and able to solve problems, I have integrated the multi material upgrade so as to print objects in more colors or materials (up to 5). Finally, the price is very competitive compared to similar quality printers. Highly recommended.

Avatar small By Sil S. on Apr 29 2019
Tolerances are on point!

The mk3 Prusa is a great printer in many aspects. First of all the money and time (of shipping) was definitely worth it! The tolerances that the printer creates are actually very small and very predictable. If you adjust the CAD model slightly it will always come out right on point.  Very pleasant to work with, needs a new nozzle sometimes but very easy maintain in general. I keep it in a box to avoid drastic fluctuating temperatures and I believe there is a tiny difference in print quality by doing so, plus it keeps the dust away for the most part. Only thing what I think Prusa can work on is their Prusa Control software. The version I have lets you change very little in terms of print settings thats why I use Slic3r but overall no big deal. Let me know if you have any questions, love to talk 3d print stuff lol. 

Avatar small By toddzle on Apr 30 2019

My Cr10 was a great learning tool.   I love that I own it.   But the prusa just flat out works.   I had to tinker and dial in the Cr10.... prusa is damn near plug and play

Avatar small By Matthew Kaul on May 05 2019
Best at home printer

I love my Prusa. It works, it's easy to fix and for a fairly inexpensive printer, it has exceptional qualities. 

Avatar small By Mooshy Moosh on May 17 2019
Prusa i3 MK3 kit


Customer service is pretty great. I had no idea what I was doing, but there was a  lot of support. The design of the printer is pretty nice once finished. Guides are detailed.

I really like the software (slic3r) and the UI for the printer. 

It's pretty easy to fix any extruder issues (clogs, etc).

There's on-going upgrades instead of 'new machines' which brings a lot of value.


My only issues were with the assembly process. A couple of the printed parts it came with were a bit weird and it required some tinkering to fit the screws through. There's this Nylon filament part needed to add support for some wires which was a bit difficult to deal with. One of the nuts for the motor was threaded weird so I had to use a lighter to heat it and properly thread it onto the motor.  The assembly process took me a lot longer than I thought it would.

This last one isn't really an issue, but more of a consideration. The screws used are EU/metric so it's difficult to find replacement screws locally (I live in Canada). The kit comes with many spare screws, etc though.

Avatar small By Richardj on Jun 05 2019
First 3D Printer

I have been reading and studying about 3D printers for a while. I saved and saved and finally I had to make a decision which to buy. I read every review I could find. I have no problem building and putting things together so I bought the kid. Went together quickly and looked good. Had a little problem with figuring out the first layer but then i found that i could just measure it with a caliper and away it went.  Yes i have had a few failed prints but not many (my fault). I found the software easy to use and everything seemed to be set up for a beginner. Which I am. I'm glad i spend the extra for a Prusa MK3. I have been trying to help a friend who bought a knock off and I can see already what the Prusa made easy. The safety features makes me feel at ease. I haven't need support but everything I've read shows that Prusa is good at that too.  I have found many sites for projects and am learning CAD/CAM to design my own project. There is many out there ready to help which makes having a 3D printer fun. Someday I'll have a problem and I'm sure there will be help out there. To anyone who buys this printer, You will enjoy it!

Avatar small By Rahul Singh on Jun 05 2019
Foolproof printer

I am a 3D printer hobbyist, I’m not an engineer or an expert. My experience is limited to that of an end user, I download designs off of Thingiverse or other sites, modify them as needed , slice  with  Cura and print using octoprint. The Original Prusa i3 mk3s is my second 3D printer. Let me tell you about my experience prior to this printer before I review it. My first printer has a small build volume, does not have bed leveling, or other advanced sensor technologies. Control of the extruded is also limited, such as fan settings. It has a heated bed that maxes out at 80 C.  I have spent hundreds of hours with it printing and troubleshooting. I have innumerable failed prints , many of them secondary to my own shortcomings and errors. But all this trouble shooting has helped me understand how 3d printers work, and i have also learnt  how to get reasonableness quality prints with a very mediocre printer. I would spend hours trying to get good prints, ruin quite a Bit of filament. Watched countless videos on you tube, and I began to think that this is how 3D printing goes- constant trouble shooting and inconsistent results ... and life goes on.

Along comes the Prusa i3 MK3s, and this changes my entire perspective about 3D printing. I first saw this printer in action on you tube , while watching 3D printer time lapse videos. The printer cost a couple of hundred dollars more than what I had spent on my first printer, so I decided to buy this printer after reading several reviews about it’s features such as auto bed leveling, filament sensor and so on. Prior to using it the first time I fully expected it to another printer that would require a bit of trouble shooting ,  but hoped that it would be less than my prior experience. 

I ordered the kit version, I’m glad that I did, despite the issues that I ran into, as it was a great tool to learn the inner mechanisms that help run a 3D printer. The kit ..... is a real kit..  everything needs to be put together... like everything. It took me more than a total of 12 hours to put it together.  During this process ruined  2 printed plastic pieces- a portion of the extruded assembly , and the x-end-motor plate.  I ordered some PETH off of Amazon and after multiple trouble shooting steps -like 2 days worth, printed the extruded assemble printed part. The x-end-motor plate broke while adjusting the tension, this took another 2-3 days of finding the right filament , trouble shootings and printings the part with my old printer. I could have ordered the part from PRUSA, however I decided to print it ,, was more “fun” this way. Here is a word to the wise , read every word in the  manual that comes it, prior to  every step, otherwise you may end up like me.  

I drank a beer once the build was complete (I felt I needed a beer prior to starting any trouble shooting that may be needed ... given my past experience). Went through the calibration steps — went flawlessly, and printed the first object. When i saw my first print I was floored , I was not ready for this...........

The printer worked flawlessly, I did not have to troubleshoot anything ... absolutely nothing at all. I hooked up my octoprint and started printing . I slice using the Prusa slicer and print using  octoprint. I can spend my time doing other stuff..... like not troubleshooting when stuff is printing . 

Everything works as advertised... filament loader (no more trying to force filament into the extruder hoping that it’s in the right place), filament sensor, absolutely quiet ... almost no sound , I can watch tv and hear the dialogue instead of having to use closed captioning. No more scraping the print of the pei, no more wondering if there is a later shift etc etc... 

I can finally enjoy 3D printing like it’s meant to be enjoyed !! 

now I understand why this the most important 3D printer over the past few years ...

Now I can’t wait to get my hands on an MMU2.0... 

Avatar small By Maureen Woodroffe on Jun 23 2019
maureen woodroffe

this isn't the first printer i have tried but its the first one that has printed everything i have wanted without any trouble. having firstly buying an ender 3 ( which at the moment is in loads of bits on my table) out of frustration i bit the bullet and bought a prusa;i am so pleased i did.  when i compare it to the ender 3 this printer wins hands down, not only do i end up with a print i can use but it's so quiet i have got to keep looking to see if it's still printing . i bought it in kit form and i have to say the instruction book is so easy to follow, I struggled a bit with some of the pictures but there are hd pictures on line which were better as i could enlarge them. the only thing i couldnt give it five stars was some of the printed parts are a little fragile and if you are like me you can over tighten them and they can snap. I had a couple of small issues when i first turned it on but they were sorted out easily as the prusa owners forum has some very knowlegable people on it that came to my rescue and once i had put it together i was printing my first item after a couple of hours ( it was a part i had snapped) . I am really pleased I bit the bullet and paid for a  printer that is as reliable as this(i may get the ender printing sometime in the near future but i'm not expecting to).All i can say is if you can afford it buy one of these and not some chinese junk and i don't mean a boat.

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