Original Prusa i3 MK3

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250 x 250 x 210
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Avatar small By PGe on Dec 26 2019
Best printer ther are

If you just want a 3D printer this is the best for relative cost ....... but why settle for one?

Avatar small By Eric Duvauchelle on Jan 07 2020

Prusa MK3S is a great value and reliable.

overall have little complaints. it prints well and reliably. The support and huge community around this printer is amazing. 

Small 2013 05 04 00.00.59 By 3dCoburg78 on Jan 11 2020
I'm satisfied as an entry-level device.

Für den Fall, dass Sie nicht mehr weiterkommen möchten

Avatar small By ken22 on Jan 14 2020
Initial Review

I am completely new to 3D printing. I built the Mk3S over 3 days and it worked perfectly apart from an assembly error around the cabling which was my mistake. I got the dreaded y-axis calibration error. I had to rewire the entire loom but after 2 hours of investment I was back in business. The printer then stopped printing the first layer again ( I left the nozzel sitting on the steel sheet overnight and it threw out the calibration. I contacted support by email and got a reply 3 days later (weekend in the way - hey even support needs a break!!). I am up and running again and just printing the prusa g-code examples at the moment. My next step is to work on the slicer and download other models. This is not a toy and the sky is the limit but it takes investment but that is life. Looking forward to moving ahead step by step. and I wont get discouraged. Rome wasn't built in a day. Ken.

Avatar small By Don Ferris on Jan 19 2020
PRUSA mks3

Best printer on the market hands down and I have 6 printers

Avatar small By Henning Krause on Jan 20 2020
Amazing Value for the price

It is not exactly cheap but so very worth it.

No more calibration by Hand after the initial z-height, very reliable, magnetic bed is

nothing less than a gamechanger, many safety features, fast, some minor tweaks were done but nothing more.

Avatar small By zach_08 on Jan 25 2020
Love my printer!

This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I strongly recommend buying the kit and assembling it yourself, it is a very rewarding experience. As all kits do, mine has some problems with noisy bearings, but I'm hoping they break in a little more.

Print quality and ease of use is amazing. Prusa support is outstanding. Definitely very strongly recommend!

Avatar small By stefek.karel on Jan 28 2020
My review

Built from the kit by myself. I already updated to MK3S and some additional mods. Nowdays I am satisfied :-)

Avatar small By timswift on Feb 08 2020
Great Printer

The kit took a while to put together (~11 Hours), but it was very strait forward and fun. 

Print quality has really impressed me as well. The only complaint I have to make is that the P.I.N.D.A. probe is adjusted by sliding it up and down - using a nut to do this would have made it a bit easier.

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