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Avatar small By godoloju on Feb 13 2018
First 3D Printer

This is my first 3D printer, so I don't have much to compare it to. Right out of the box it printed great, it was a little annoying that I had to print a spool holder, but it was included on an SD Card so it wasn't much of a chore.

The setup was pretty simple, 2 brackets, a few screws and plugging in some cables.

I've printed about a 1KG of PLA and only had a few very difficult prints fail because I didn't level the bed well enough. The bed seems to stay pretty level until I have to man handle it a little to remove a well stuck larger print.

It's fun to have the larger build volume (300x300x500mm) for printing things large. So far my longest print was around 24 hours.

After watching lots of reviews, this printer occupies a sweet spot with fairly good performance. large build volume and simple setup. Haven't had the need to contact support yet.

Enjoying it a great deal!

Avatar small By Btamas on Jan 07 2018
Best price/quality 3D printer in 2017.

Full metal frame, big print area, free marlin firmware, and easy usage.

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