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Avatar small By ll01 on Jun 26 2018
Tevo Tornado

Tevo Tornado

Avatar small By Joe Schnur on May 30 2018
Greate value

know the issues going in the bed is an issue and the covering bubbles be prepared to deal with this. Other than that it is fantastic and a real step up from an anet

Avatar small By Mark Ensor on May 25 2018
My first steps into 3D Printing

Took the plunge and stepped into this not knowing a single thing about Cad drawing-printing-filament nothing.

The Tornado is fantastic. Easy to set up just don't follow the manual. Watch Google, especially the one where the guy gets his wife to assemble it. That one helped me no end. I'm in Australia so the main filament is Panatech and it works flawlessly. 

Had it up and running for 3 days and have printed jewellery, signs, toys and model parts. I use Slic3r to adjust my stl file into how I want it to print and save it to gCode and the Tornado just takes over.

Took me about 1 day to find out the easiest way to get the print off the bed is to let it cool slightly and then spray it with a 50/50 mixture of alcohol and water. Pops right off.

Love it and highly recommend it. Cost $600 including 3 rolls of filament from Floralivings on ebay. 

You will not regret this purchase.

Avatar small By Jarrod Ochsenbein on May 12 2018
Completely Blown away how well this thing works and all for $300!

I have been using this printer and so far the filament seems to be the only real thing I have needed to change.  It does work with the cheaper filament, but it tends to be harder material causing the extrude gear to click.  I am using Hatchbox now and it is GREAT!  Also Hatchbox doesn't smell like the cheaper stuff tends too.  

Now back to the printer.  Just make sure you perform the XYZ test and get your cables in order.  I have about 25 prints including 2 Pangolins and it is perfect.  Heat bed hits temp real fast and so far this thing has exceeded any expectation I had going into it.  I mean how good can a $300 printer be.  Answer: Pretty damn good IMO.

Print quality is excellent with Hatchbox filament.  With the cheaper stuff I had to use rafts for everything.

Success Rate is 90% and that is because I messed things up not the printer.

I paid $310 plus $15 shipping with coupon from banggood.  I is packaged really well and nothing was damaged.  I didn't receive an extra build sheet, but no issues so far like other had mentioned with bubbling and sticking issues, but time will tell.

  Happy Making Makers!

Avatar small By Luca Biggio on May 11 2018
THe best choise for 260 euro

 it's my first 3d  printer, it's a good 3d printer i had some problems, but i had many things printed very well without efforts.

For this money you can't find a so big , so easy and stable 3d printer.

Avatar small By Davinius B on May 06 2018
60mm/s printing speed, short warmup time and a reliable community

I wanted a cheap 3D-Printer with 60mm/s printing speed, short warmup time and a reliable community, so the Tevo Tornado was the one for me. Would buy it again, and will continue to recommend it to friends  

Avatar small By Romex Tx on May 03 2018

Well.. It's a 3d printer.. And for this price... don't even bother for searching a better one.. There is no one.. Bed heats up in 2 minutes, titan extruder works flawlessly.. Comes 90% assembled.. there isnt much more to say, printer is very good.

Avatar small By ondm3d on Apr 15 2018
The Tevo Tornado and why I love it.

I bought a Tevo Tornado because I wanted the build volume. I have never used or even touched a 3d printer before. After looking around, I decided the 200+ dollar(usd) difference between the CR 10 and other comparable printers was better used on printing materials.  You will hear some complain about the Tornado because it doesn't come with filament, and because it is a copy (with minor differences of the CR 10.) of another well known printer.

Ignore all of that. The Tevo Tornado is Awesome. 

For the money, cant be beat, cant be matched for build volume. Assembly is intuitive and easy. Plan on an hour, aim for 30 minutes. 

 My Advice, take it or leave it. If you know about Linux and "Octoprint" get a Raspberry Pi 3, if you already have one or a Rasp Pi 3b+ you can run Octoprint which is a Linux Raspian based Operating system to work as a 3d network aware print server. 

Full controls and the ability to tune your print on the fly from any system on your network that can load the web page. Awesome doesn't even begin to cover the power of the combination.  In one day I assembled the printer, got a PI 3b+  with Octoprint up and running and printed a case for the Raspberry Pi.

Day two, made a couple small items, then because a friend kept bugging me (Yes, Crickett) I printed up a Budha statuette with a Darth Vader head. Oh and I made it from glow in the dark filament. He was beyond pleased.

Thank you Tevo for a hassle free awesome introduction to 3 d printing.

Thank you guys at Octoprint, Cura, and the whole Linux community, you absolutely rock.

Thank you Linus, you may be grumpy but you are a lifetime hero of mine. Up there with Tesla, Einstein, etc.

Thank you Hatchbox. Great quality filaments.

Thanks to anyone I forgot to mention as well.


Avatar small By teddy_kristiyan on Apr 13 2018
Tevo Tornado

I buy my Tevo Tornado from aliexpress about $377 and free shipping.

Package come with aome allen keys, screwdriver, extra PTFE tube for spare and scrapper. Box and Foam for packaging is good enough. Usually it come with some trial filament, but none with mine. I ask to seller, but the just say sorry. No big prob. And also they give you a standard size Memory Card. Many file include manual book inside and slicing software.

Tips: i sharpening my scrapper edge, and it easier to use. Keep you box and foam in case sometime you need to move your printer.

Assembly is not to hard, you can find much of unboxing video on youtube.

Tips: make sure all of the screw are tight enough.

Actually its a clone from CR-10 with extra AC hotted bed. I really love it, very quick to get hot and can reach temp for ABS (but you have to set some enclosure to ensure the environment temp still apropriate). 

Tips: to release pre-printed Tevo logo on bed, you have to warm up your bed up to 80 *C, and it can peel easily.

Printer dont have spool holder like CR-10, but they give the 3D file for you to print. Some extra file for trial also include on mem card.

In first project, i run the printer about 27hrs, no problem at all. Stepper motor stabil, not getting hot.

Its firmware give some menu like home position, 4 point  for set your bed level, preheat menu for PLA and ABS. Pause and stop print command already there.

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