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Small logotipo By SimWheel Designs on Oct 01 2019
Tevo Tornado E3d-v6 and Bondtech

A great printer. Lower price than Creality CR-10. 

Small me By deejaykaye on May 13 2019
A great workhorse!

A great printer, heated bed, and a large print surface. No complaints. I've had it for over a year and she's going strong!

Avatar small By Inov3d Team on May 07 2019
Tevo Tornado Gold Edition

I give the Tevo Tornado Gold Edition a 4/5. At a lower price than the Creality CR-10, the Tornado is a strong competitor. The mains heated bed makes for a very quick print setup, and most of the configuration is done properly at the factory.

The only reason it doesn’t get a 5/5 is because of the spring-mounted bed, and the lack of proper bracing on the frame. However, all Prusa-like large printers will suffer from this, and it’s a cheap-and-easy fix. I would highly recommend this printer for the first time buyer and the veteran printer alike. Simply put, it prints really well straight out of the box.


Avatar small By tgauldin on Mar 13 2019
I really like this printer

I really like this printer.

I am new to 3D printing. I ordered the Tornado as a Christmas present for myself after reading many reviews and articles about it's value and large build size and it arrived 1/11/19. My Tornado is the Gold colored 2018 version.

After finishing the assembly which was basically adding the Z axis, Y carraige and bed, limit switches and connecting the wiring harnesses it came alive and was printing that night using the supplied SD card. It printed really well to be right out of the box. Since then I have kept it really busy and have several hundred hours on it with only a few problems printing, which are common to all 3D printers such as fails due to poor bed adhesion. I have worked thru those issues.

The Tevo Tornado quick setup guide refers the new user to Facebook and Google for Tornado user groups for help. There is no Tech Support phone number, but you can email them and create a ticket.

I've learned much from those groups, got a lot of suggestions and ideas.

My printer however, has never been able to communicate with my Windows 8.1 desktop for operation and control via a slicer. I could only print via the SD card until I learned of the Raspberry Pi and Octoprint, which gave my desktop computer control. I've tried a different computer and had mine checked out and found it to be working fine. I've read all I can find to try to solve the problem but can't get it worked out. I am no computer technician.

I contacted Tevo's Support site by email and they responded by sending an attachment of a printer driver to try. I couldn't get it to work. After another contact they sent a firmware download attachment which I can't figure how to load without a connection. The printer's control box has the latest hardware and uses Marlin firmware for printer operation. I desire to load a later Marlin firmware that has Filament Change feature but cannot without that USB printer port connection. I've read of other ways to do this but certainly am not fluent in Arduino and code manipulation and am afraid of killing the printer(and voiding the warranty). I can find no one locally familiar with this printer.

In conclusion, I believe Tevo has a very strong product, well designed and made with much quality. What I think would make their printer a far greater printer value would be a technical support department that could be reached by telephone call. I'd be willing to pay for tech support, if I could get it. It appears it's totally up to me to fix this problem, which I don't know how to do.

Avatar small By Jim41 on Mar 01 2019
Just great!

1st, I am new to 3D printing.  I am, however, an ex-engineer familiar with CAD and printing software and hardware, in general. The TEVO Tornado comes with the basic software to re-create the TEVO logo and a 20mmx20mmx20mm test cube, also an XYZ movement commands on an SD card. To print most of the objects available on-line one needs a slicer program that does not come with the printer. Slicers are available free or at cost. I didn't go cheap, and I'm glad I spent the money. All failures I have had so far have all been because I missed something in the print setup, and I've only had three failures total. Mostly I just forget a step. The unit is very quick to assemble. And with the print unit weighing just about 32lbs it is quite hefty. The wiring is all complete and just needs some connectors connected. I have found that when using PET-G, use the highest recommended temps. suggested on the filament roll. The factory distributed print bed, or pad, works very well at the highest recommended bed setting + 5 degrees. I suspect that 5 extra degrees is due to the thickness of the pad. Also, most critical is the bed leveling. They suggest A-4 paper, but mine was too thin. I recommend standard printer paper as a gauge. I can't speak to customer service as I haven't needed them. TEVO has tutorials and blogs on their website, as does my slicer vendor. Very easy really.

Avatar small By ika_iriska on Feb 08 2019
Мне подходит и полностью оправдывает затраты на его преобретение

Сгенерировано с помощью онлайн-переводчика. Это мой первый 3D-принтер и я никогда раньше не пользовался 3D-принтерми. Все просто и понятно. Возможно, мне посчастливилось купить качественный принтер, потому что он у меня есть, он никогда не ломался. Качество печати довольно хорошее, и я полностью удовлетворен. Он также не вызвал затруднений. Единственная трудность для меня сейчас, чтобы научиться создавать 3D модели для печати)))

Avatar small By sadegh gh on Jan 26 2019

printer.  I come from an engineering background and do not mind tinkering with something to get it to the point I need it.    The initial setup and first couple prints went fairly well.  it took me a little while to get the feel for tramming 

Avatar small By websign01 on Jan 03 2019
Excellent value for money

I took a while to get this printer going but it was my lack of knowledge not the printer. I suggest anyone buying this to look at YouTube about it very helpful the forum is good too.

I like that it connects to a  computer via Wi-Fi and USB. I found I could print addons for it too.

I think this would be good for a beginner or someone that wanted a good printer

Avatar small By DigitalAngel42 on Jan 02 2019
USED Tevo Tornado newer green model

I picked this up second hand as my first 3D printer.  I come from an engineering background and do not mind tinkering with something to get it to the point I need it.  

 The initial setup and first couple prints went fairly well.  it took me a little while to get the feel for tramming the bed correctly, but after that it was pretty smooth with PLA.  I haven't explored too much into other materials yet.

Mine came with an Anycubic Ultrabase on it.  The nicer glass base was nice, but it also hid for a while that my factory bed underneath it was cracked badly (the joys of buying used), which eventually got worse and resulted issues with print quality and having to replace the bed.

Small mccullough callsign By cmccullough on Dec 10 2018
Tevo Tornado newer green model

I am a CMM engineer by trade and I took my knowledge of three axis inspection equipment and applied it to 3D printing.

At first, I had issues to get a good print off it. But as I learned more about the firmware, S3D, and CURA I realized that those issues fell on the used (Me). After tuning and running some calibration tests it is running great.

A couple thing I’ve done to my Tornado is removed the build tach from the heat bed. The other is added a BLTouch.

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