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Avatar small By rwlayton on Jan 28 2018
XYZ da Vinci Minimaker

Have now completed four pieces using PLA supplied with the printer.  The last of which is a 3" x 5" vase downloaded from Pinshape.  The file ran flawlessly during the six-hour print time.  As the unit doesn't have a heated table, the work area was kept warm using a heat lamp and surface tackiness enhanced with light application of Elmer's glue stick.

Avatar small By treenmachine on Feb 10 2018
Basic but easy to use

Its a good product for the price and it does what it is supposed to do. It is basic but it is also very easy to use. Definitely a good 3d printer for people who are just starting out or don't have a lot of money. It would also make a great 3d printer for children. It's basically for people starting out or only wanting to do little things . 

Avatar small By hjalammers on Mar 30 2018
Cheap on buying

materiaal is only xzy exspensife leave al lot unused material because tracker in the spool

Avatar small By rgreen086 on Aug 02 2018
Easily used - Excellent for entry level

This is my first 3D printer, I have been researching for about 2 years 3D Printing and this device was very easy to learn with, virtually plug and play, only needing bare minimum on my PC to start printing.

Avatar small By scott hanson on Sep 19 2018
Awesome printer for a great price

I had a tiko 3D printer when they first went onto Kickstarter and loved it until it broke a year and a half later I bought the Da Vinci minimaker so I can do just that make my own minis and toys 

Avatar small By pbturbo on Sep 29 2018
da vinci 3d mini

buona stampante per iniziare 

Avatar small By allakerja on Dec 22 2018
XYZmaker cad.

I found the XYZmaker videos not to helpful. However I found a pdf. For the software and how to set the print information for better prints.

Also getting the model of the bed ( when stuck fast ) without ripping the bed paper was difficult. I found putting an Ice block on the plate for about 15 - 20 mins. helped.

Avatar small By mthibodeau2009 on Feb 13 2019
da Vinci 3D mini w+

Pros: Mostly assembled out of the box with USB cable to computer. XYZware software gives you customization choices such as scale and the capability to print more than one item at a time if it fits on the bed. It isn't a huge machine, so that great for folks like me that don't have a lot of space. Parts are not very complex, so if there is a problem with feeding, there are areas that can be removed to resolve those issues. The filament that is used is sold in a generous amount (trial filament that is include with the printer is 100 meters, purchased filament is 200 meters.).

Cons:  Instructions for setting up the extruder were not clear, most notably, the release button for the feeding tube. Figured out have to press down on the "black ring" around the tube to release. Also, had to purchase another extruder nozzle after I cleaned the original nozzle as instructed. SOMETHING was stuck inside the nozzle! The commonality I have found with the copper nozzle is that both nozzles have had filament stuck inside due to the protective coating around the copper, so I have had to remove that foreign plastic off the nozzle to return to my printing session. Speaking of which, you only have 3 minutes to resolve any printing issues before to printing session is cancelled. There is no "continue where it left off". XYZmaker is the software that needs to be used according to manufacturer, but XYZmaker is not recognizing my mini w+ printer.  Third party filament is not recognized for the mini w+. The filament chips reads 0 meters left when both spools I've used still have over 7 meters left! Also, have not figured out how to set up the wireless portion of the w+ even after buying the wifi box and following instructions (again, using XYZmaker software which is not recognizing my w+.

Despite the cons, I'm not completely disappointed with the da Vinci 3D mini w+. It's the simplicity of the machine , the XYZware , and the one-nozzle, one type of filament that is giving me (a 3D printing beginner) some great prints. I learned quickly how to use my machine to its best ability. I would recommend especially letting people know the potential problems they may face using this printer model.

Avatar small By twake98 on Feb 17 2019
Cheap printer for the beginner

I actually have the mini- W+

The Cons

 No heated print bed... This printer would benefit greatly with a heated bed

Filament is chipped so not exactly an open source printer. It sucks having to use filament rolls that have a tracking chip installed. Especially when XYZ never sends the right filament when ordered.

Customer service is not what it should be for a company this big. If you order directly from XYZ expect it to be screwed up especially when it comes to ordering extra parts like extruders and filaments. If you want the right filament order from Amazon. 

Print quality could be better but the software is limited and only the basics can be changed. The software is very much set up for those who are new to 3D printing with very little adjustments capabilities.

Tutorial videos are poorly made with very little information on how to use the software.

The Pros


Available for purchase through multiple sources

Easy learning cure for a novice

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