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Avatar small By durdendsk4 on May 30 2019
Cheap but okay for beginners

The customer service is nearly non-existent. They told me to run a .exe file on my Mac OS without any other software. The Software that comes with the printer is VERY slow. I have a decent Mac that can handle many other 3D programming and rendering software but the applications XYZprint and XYZmaker are for the birds. The printer's WiFi does not work very well, if at all. The quality of the prints are decent for the low-grade printer it is. The bed not being heated is a difficult and frustrating bit. Honestly, for a beginner, this printer is not that bad. At around $180 US, this printer is a decent start for a hobbyist. 

Avatar small By David Coull on Jun 16 2019
Good for beginners

Worked straight out of the box. Have now printed a number of items. No skill required to get prints. 

3 problems though: Accuracy of sizes is well off, the cost of filament is ridiculous compared to others and you can only use xyz filament. 

Avatar small By undera mura on Jul 13 2019
Basical printer

My model is the Da Vinci MiniMaker W. 

It has very simple software to use. 

The printer arrive ready to work and print flawlessly from the beginning whithout need of mounting  or set up.  

On the contrary there are the following issues: 

Wireless doesn't work as aspected so i don't use it. 

The xyz proprietary filament is very expensive  respect to other brands. 

Printer can use only  proprietary filament.  

Avatar small By USG51 on Oct 26 2019
its ok as a first printer or for kids

its good for kids

Avatar small By daxdonguines23 on Nov 04 2019
xyz da vinci minimaker

For beginners, it’s okay. Easy to use.. 

Avatar small By russ4646 on Nov 28 2019
Does what I expected

happy with this so far

Avatar small By The_Jester on Jan 04 2020
I like it but I can't figure out how to use files.

I didn't know what the heck I was doing but I printed something and it is pretty speedy. I cant figure out how to download files to make things because when you try to upload a file is says that is is broken so I don't know how to do it. I can really only design the things I can print for now. I like it.

Avatar small By Shoop_nl on Feb 02 2020
Missing a heatbed, makes bottom of print always bad

Missing a heatbed, makes bottom of print always bad

Avatar small By Ema Greg on Feb 09 2020
XYZ Stampa Da Vinci MiniMaker

Punti di forza La stampante è facile da usare e non richiede capacità di montaggio elevate in quanto è gia assemblata, bisogna solo installare l'estrusore. La stampante non ha un ingombro eccessivo. In dotazione con la stampante, vi è un programma per disegnare forme 3d, con cui si puo salvare nei formati piu comuni (stl, obj).

difetti: il piano di stampa non è riscaldato, quindi si consiglia di spruzzare un adesivo prima di iniziare la stampa, la stampante ha un chip sul supporto del filamento, che riconosce solo i filamenti proprietari XYZ, il cui costo è tre volte quelli commerciali (es. Amazon.). L'unico materiale supportato è il PLA. Date le dimensioni, il volume di stampa è ridotto a 150cm*150cm*150cm.

In definitiva ottima stampante per chi si avvicina per la prima volta al mondo della stampa in 3d, abbordabile anche il prezzo di acquisto (circa 240 €).

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