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Ultimaker Robot
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Avatar small By LVK on Oct 28 2019
Upgrade Prusa MK3S

I have just upgraded my Original Prusa MK3 to a MK3S and the first printed objects are excellent. In the future I would like to upgrade to print with multicolors. Anybody any experiences by using the PRUSCA multimaterial ? 

Avatar small By Magnum WO on Nov 10 2019
A great product

Ease of use and high quality are the main words I'd use to describe the printer. Overall incredibly satisfied, with the results I was able to produce, after only a few hours of tinkering and setting up the machine and slicer.

Avatar small By jaiflander on Dec 03 2019
Prusa rules

Print with the  Prusa I3 MK2S will take your projects to the next level, this printer is easy to use and ver reliable.

Avatar small By RickyCui on Jan 06 2020
Amazing Printer

Very reliable and easy to use. Prints almost always come out looking great. The new PrusaSlicer is also a big step up from the old version. Over time, I have encountered some hardware issues but nothing was too severe and they were easily fixed.

Avatar small By Cowwolfe on Feb 21 2020
Prosa Maker for 2+ Years

Bought the printer pre build when the Mk3 was released.   Hugh improvement over the MK2  I did have some power supply issues initially, but Prusa was quick to send me a replacement at no charge under warranty.   Last year I purchased their upgrade kit to MK3s and it was easy to install. I was able to print my own parts for the printer and their online assembly instructions and help community were fantastic.

Always been happy with print results.   Lately I’ve been printing with different sized nozzles and various materials such as PET, TPU and ABS where I was only printing with PLA.   The Prusa Slicer Software makes it easy to switch and print.

Avatar small By quandtj on Mar 22 2020
Best 3D printer for the money

I started out with a MK2 three and a half years ago.  Since them, I have installed the three upgrades to bring it to a MK2.5S configuration.  The removable build plate is wonderful.  Wait for the print to cool down, pop off the plate, and flex it to release the parts.  The filament sensor is handy and autoloads the filament when the hot end is at temp by just inserting on top.  Unloading is also easy.  This configuration also allows for the removal of the hot end assembly without completely disassembling the entire extruder.  As always, complete instructions are available on Prusa's support website.

I recommend buying the kit, so you know how it goes together, as all 3D printers require periodic maintenance, although the Prusa has been the most reliable printer I own, spending most of its time printing.  The Prusa is also the most precise printer I own.  For example, all the parts needed for the 3 upgrades were printed on this printer.  All parts fit together with no need to trim.

I find that I often need more than one printer at a time, so my MK3S kit will be delivered Monday.

The primary difference you'll note between these Prusa's and the Chinese clones is the hot end.  Both of these have genuine E3D all metal hot ends, which can function up to 300 C.  Chinese clones use hot ends that are pfte lined all the way to the nozzle.  This limits the temperature the hot end can reach, as pfte starts breaking down at 250 C.  I can and have printed Nylon and polycarbonate, which are high temp filaments.  My Chinese clones cannot do this without upgrading the hot end and rewriting the firmware.

By the time you have bought a Chinese clone, added a removable bed, a bed sensor, and an all metal hot end, you've spent as much as a genuine Prusa, without getting the support.

Avatar small By Remvs on Apr 06 2020
Great printer and software. Albeit this is my first and only 3D printer, so I have little reference.

All very good and super happy with both hard- and software from Prusa; If I need to come up with some critiques:

- Magnets under build plate tend to get loose and fly all over the place. - when selecting a file to print by pressing the knob, it sometimes jumps a line too far and starts printing the wrong file - Built in wifi to send gcode to printer would be great!

Avatar small By bijlevel on Jun 22 2020
Solid workhorse

I did build the printer myself and the build instructions are very good. But one should read first all the instructions before starting the build to  get a general idea what you're up too. Also very important (and Prusa did add them in the online version of the build manual) to read the comments and tips of users who have build the machine. 

In practice the printer works perfect. The only misprints are due to mistakes I made myself. The slicing software is also very good.  Many options to tweak the print, but the presets did until now suffice for me.

Avatar small By hoege on Aug 16 2020
Great 1st steps into 3D printing world

I bought the Kit Version of this Printer. Building wasn't as easy as some will tell you but thanks to great assembly instructions ( book and online, with comments of other builders) the build was a succes with no major problems.

Getting the settings right toke me about half a day. To get things right I toke contact with chat service of Prusa and they delivered great support, gave me great step by step instructions. The best support I ever encountered.

I've only printed PLA and most of the prints look great. Average quality is better then what I have seen from other printers. ( price under €1000) If they fail the reason isn't the printer but the unexperience of the user, me.

3d printing isn't like printing a A4 page on your laser printer. If you are not prepared to spend many hours of searching things out, you better not start with it. That said, one of the greatest advantages of Prusa is the open source and the community. For every problem you encounter you can find usefull solutions on the Internet. You don't have to sort it out yourself.

The Prusa Slicer Software is good and  easy to use and ... the Internet provides you with dozens of usefull manuals.

Sending prints directly from computer to printer can be done by an interface called Pronterface, but I don' use it. I always work with the SD Card. 

This is the 1ste printer I actually bought, had used some others at school. This is the best one I worked with.

The MK3S has upgrade possibilities for multi materials, something you can't find on many other printers.

The MK3S isn't cheap, but for me worth the price. If you're on a budget there is always the newer Prusa Mini

Avatar small By t.warner on Sep 30 2020
Prusa Excellence

Purchased as kit put it together easily for anyone with model/kit building experience and a little technical know how has worked flawlessly for last 2 years any issues have been more user related, best printer for value IMO

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