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Avatar small By Ryan Ward on Jan 09 2019
Look no further for a better 3D Printer

Not only is the actual machine precise and reliable, but the same can be said about the community revolving around Prusa as well as the software, upgrades, and hardware. The build is very solid and it's pretty entertaining as well to put together with the kit. The instructions and manual are very clear and intuitive and the output is outstanding. Several upgrades have also been pioneered by Prusa and are available to upgrade any "outdated" (These printers really don't get outdated, just newer, more advanced models are released) printer with anything from a 5-Material Upgrade to a new innovative Heatbed design. Prusa has no limits to its innovation. Prusa not only has developed a slicer software specifically for their machines but has also developed a modded Slic3r version that works like a charm for those who prefer the Slic3r program. Additionally, not enough can be said about the customer service. There is a live chat feature on the Prusa website that allows users to ask questions in real time and the representative will stay on and walk you through how to fix any error. I've personally used this service about a dozen times while learning how to use the printer as a beginner. The results each time have been very quick and solve my errors in 5-20 minutes depending on the severity and I have never been even remotely disappointed. In summation, this is the right machine for anyone in the market and is more than worth every penny of the value.

Avatar small By hrmartin5788 on Feb 12 2019
Awesome product but not always user friendly.

The kit is very overwhelming  when you first get it.  The manuals and videos are great but it was still a very slow build for me.  I highly recommend that you  watch as many  assembly videos on You Tube as you can stand.  After building it and getting it to work I could not get anything to stick to the build plate.  I joined the Facebook Prusa Group.  Most people there are awesome. I learned that I just needed to  lower the nozzle and crush the extruded  filament a bit more. If that doesn't make sense, don't worry, it will. You would not believe the super quality of the 3D prints that come out of this machine now. I highly recommend  it.

Avatar small By Alexandre B on Mar 01 2019
Not for everyone, you need to be resourceful or wont get anywhere.

Hard to unstuck and assembly takes a lot of patience.  

The print quality is great.

Avatar small By Sean Flynn on Mar 20 2019
simple and reliable

This printer is a great printer for a first time buyer, very easy to assemble, easy to use, simple user interface. Great for learning the principles of 3D printer. It is a modular system so there is a good upgrade-ability aspects. The auto bed leveling and heated bed are a big feature to consider when purchasing a printer. This tremendously improves the success rate of the print. One recommendation would be to invest in an enclosure. As being exposed the temperature difference of the heated bed and the room around it can cause the print to warp and fail. The simple enclosure of the "prusa ikea lark" enclosure is a cheap and affordable option. 

Avatar small By Parker Sexton on Mar 23 2019
very good printer

I have been 3d printing for a while and I can say for sure that the prusa i2MK3 is the most reliable and high quality 3d printer for its price. I loved the build experience and I think that anyone with the time should get the kit and learn about how it works firsthand. 

Avatar small By [email protected] on May 12 2019
My Prusa experience

Top quality and value for your money.

Small 59481554 10157003822986815 3715180001331511296 n By xanders on Aug 18 2019
Great printer, good price

I am very happy with my Prusa. It was my first printer, so I wanted something that was easy to put together and wasn't going to require a tonne of modding to make it work. The auto-levelling works really well. 

My next 3D printer will definitely be another Prusa.

Avatar small By David Evans on Sep 08 2019
Great Printer!

I am extremely pleased with my Prusa printer.  This is my first and only 3D printer so I have little to compare it with other than hearing my friends talk about always having to level their beds and not being able to automatically pause their printers as part of the GCode to switch filaments in mid print.  The auto leveling is excellent, and only takes seconds before it starts printing..  I use the printers ability to pause at a specific layer height for filament changes all the time.  I love being able to print extruded text on the top of things like coasters and coins/tokens in different colors than the bases.

I just can't speak highly enough about this printer!

Avatar small By Pawel Stankiewicz on Sep 11 2019
I love that printer

Really good printer. I have also MMU2S with print buffer and it works like a charm, despite some small issues at the beginning that were caused by me not understanding how things work.

Now, the success rate is 100%. I can even put SD card, choose what to print and just go, not even waiting for printer to heat up.

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