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The Robo 3D R1 is the first generation 3D printer that Robo came out with. They've since come out with upgraded versios with the R1+ and R2. The overall feebdack on this 3D printer was that it's very good for the price but was not as intuitive as some of their counterparts and needed a few tweaks.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
254 x 229 x 203
Layer Resolution
100 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, PLA Composites
Maximum Temperature
250° C
Open Source

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Small 20161218 154728 By Sliced Br3D! on Dec 19 2016
May be under-rated

Remember, most of us only have experience with one printer + what we see about other printers on the 'net. Also, at this point in history, any of us only has a few years experience with our printer. 

That being said, I'd say that I did well for the money, I have a good sized build area, and the thing works like it's supposed to! Any issues I may have at this point, I will claim as operator error/ignorance, as this was pretty much the root of all other problems I have had.

This printer has a heated glass bed, and with a little Aqua Net Extra Super Hold hairspray, I have no issues with PLA not sticking. Not enough ABS experience to offer any definitive advice yet, but pretty sure the addition of a home made enclosure will solve my warping issues.

some quick .02 for nooobs: If you approach 3D printing in a scientific manner (only adjust one thing at a time), you can save yourself a WHOLE lotta grief! Get good with PLA before you try other materials, and even then, stick with the same color from the same manufacturer (yes, not all filament is created equal - even different colors from the same manufacturer can have varying nuances).

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