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200 x 200 x 195
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100-400 microns
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PLA, ABS, Nylon and Wood, HIPS, PETG, Flexible
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Open Source

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Avatar small By Kelan Henshaw on Jan 02 2017
Great starter

My first ever 3D printer and its great! easy to use, best if you take the time to set it up right (don't rush assembly)

Avatar small By Alan1for on Jun 03 2017
Good printer

I have had the 3dp18 (acrylic) and now the 3dp17 (2020 metal box frame). Both had decent print qualities after being built but obviously being cheap Chinese kits they needed some tweaking and some improvements, not much just little things. For the price I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised and can now honestly say my 3dp17 prints are pretty much on a par with my original prusa mk2. I highly recommend them, parts are cheap, they're easy to tinker with and once you get it built you can use it to print parts to improve it even further. Both the acrylic and 2020 frames have given me excellent results after tweaking however you have to be careful with the acrylic as it's easy to snap or crack it

Avatar small By John-Luke Morse on Jul 12 2017
Pretty good, Ender 2 printer.

It's a pretty good printer for the price. It's max print area is actually bigger than most of a similar size, which is a plus. Once you set it up properly, it prints great! It also comes with a Micro SD and a USB Micro SD reader so it'll fit into any computer. Although, the Cura estimates are about an hour or so off. Anyways, the assembly was alright. This was my first time ever building a DIY 3D printer kit, so I had some trouble, but the video included with the printer helped a lot, and also watching videos of the printer on youtube helped. It was missing one of the allen wrenchs that it was supposed to have but that wasn't a problem because I had one of the right size already. Also, the printer comes with little to none filament, so if you plan on buying it order a 1 kg spool to go along with it! There isn't much information on this printer online, so I'll help anyone who reads this out by telling you the proper Cura settings to use. I'm using the latest version (which is much newer and better than the one that the printer comes with). Anyways, I have the settings for the printer set to 0.3mm for the layer height, 210 C for the nozzle temp, and 50 C for the bed temp. Everything else is set to default. These settings are for PLA filament by the way. I hope this helps!

Avatar small By breeschwartz on Jan 12 2018
Great beginner printer for hobbyist with big dreams


The enormous print bed is one of the great things about this printer. At 11x11x15 inches I can put multiple pieces at once, or print large items without having to glue it all together later. 

It works with Cura and has very fine print quality with PLA. On a .1mm the print is incredibly smooth and with a little sanding the ribbing goes away entirely. On a curve test we got a full 80% overhang with minimal rippling on the bottom.

the settings are fairly easy to navigate, and the heated bed means we don't have problems with prints warping or coming loose early. The feed system has been easy to use and replacing filament is a quick, simple process.

Overall I am very pleased with the printer and would definitely recommend it.


Occasionally the bed warmup doesn't like to play nice and has to be manually set more than once. It may very well be user error somehow, but the fact that it works sometimes and not others makes me suspicious that it isn't me.  It does not like to print multiple files from the micro SD without reloading the SD. If I forget to reload and go into the SD menu, it often freezes and the power has to be cycled.  The platform has to be leveled a lot in the beginning, but once we got it mostly right and in a stable spot it hasn't needed to be re-leveled unless we remove the glass top to replace the tape.

Avatar small By elanxxxx on Feb 13 2018
My first 3D Printer
Assembly is so easy. There was a problem, but it is working for now. A little problem was that the auto level was not included, so I had a hard time adjusting the level. The completed work is done well, but many things do not go well with ABS. I would like to learn more and use it well.
Avatar small By Uber Calderon-Alfaro on May 28 2018

This is my first printer so I don't have another to compare to, but so far I'm very happy with my purchase, the learning curve wasn't that high so I definitely recommend it for beginners like myself.

Avatar small By bob moore on Dec 14 2018

This is my first printer and I bought as a kit.  I purchased it because of it's reasonable price for it's print size of 200.66 x 269.24 x 195.58 mm. The printer was reasonably easy to assemble. The instructions were straightforward and took about an hour to assemble. There was a problem with the first hot end thermistor not working but they had included an extra thermistor that fixed the problem. The printer came with a "filament out" sensor that I have subsequently removed. I had problems with false filament out detections caused by the filament "bouncing" with the print head movement. I changed the firmware to the latest version of Marlin and added debounce to the sensor that solved the false trigger problems. I found I was always there when the filament needed changing, so I ended up removing the sensor. Customer service responded to my emails but I had to keep in mind the time zone difference between the USA and China results in a delay in response. I also use Buildtak on the bed, added an adjuster for the Z-height sensor, and a belt tensioner for the Y axis. I am very happy at the quality of print and ease of use now.

Avatar small By Roy Trump on Jan 10 2019
My Hictop Duale3

This is my 12th printer and my 5 Hictop.  I purchased it as well as all the others as kits.  Knowing of a few things to watch out for the building went smooth except for motherboard problems.  However the co. promptly sent me an programmed motherboard and once installed and programmed the start up went great.  The dual heads work great and are accurate to .1 mm xyz.   Total hrs printing are approx 1,000.  The cost is a good point of sale. around $450.00 us.  It will print multi-color with a 4c Mosiac pallette chroma unit and the 2nd head for support multi-color is a breeze.

Small 20190713 170216 3 By uk4dshouse on Feb 26 2020
HICTOP 3D Printer Prusa I3 Auto Leveling Filament Monitor Aluminum DIY Kit 24V

First and only 3D printer. Purchased as a kit as it would give me a better understanding of operation and if it needed maintenance and repairs would get first hand experience. No issue with the build and everything worked although until I started using it in anger underestimated how tight the nuts and bolts and drive belts needed to be.

Securing the wires with cables ties to the frame keeps everything neat and tidy and prevents snagging and vibration slap.

Have had no need to contact supplier customer service.

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