Alunar Prusa i3

by Alunar
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220 x 220 x 230
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ABS, PLA, Wood, Flexible, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
250° C
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Avatar small By Perseids on Apr 13 2017
Good entry level printer

I'm very happy with this printer. I think it being a bargain it comes with some inherent issues that you might not experience with more expensive models. These issues are nothing insurmountable, you just have to learn the machine and get it dialed in.

One reason I went with this model was the build volume, it definitely gives the biggest bang for the buck in that category!  

You can always upgrade this printer or but a more expensive model later if you decide that you wish to invest more in the hobby.

Avatar small By dawneyes on Apr 28 2017
I live on a lake, this printer is close to being tossed into it.

It has been nothing but a pain in the butt. Building it was easy enough, but getting it to work properly has been impossible so far. The prints start out fine but then it starts to loop and fail, and most prints don't get past 50% or so. I've wasted a ton of filament and have only managed a few successful prints of relatively flat, simple objects. My husband, an electrician and mechanic, and myself, a 20 year IT veteran and network engineer, have been unable to figure it out so far with over 100 hours invested between us. We are still trying to get it to work properly, but if you're a beginner to this as we are, you might consider buying an assembled printer. Or a kit car, which would be easier to get running.  IF we ever get it right, I'll review it again.

Small 17264541 10158306962275175 8096925769799562529 n By Vyrago on Apr 29 2017
Love my printer

It took a lot of tweaking, and I mean a LOT... but now I have it running the way it should be and I love it. I love that if I want an upgrade, I can just print it. I love tinkering with it, I loved building it... 

That being said, if you don't have patience, this is not a good printer for you. It is not "plug and play". I printed lots of upgrades when it was running mediocrely (it's a word now, shut up Autocorect!) to get it to where it is now. I spent about 2 weeks upgrading and calibrating it till it got where it is, and I am GOOD at this kind of stuff. If you are not experienced, or lack an innate talent for all things computer/coding,  it will likely take a lot longer.

Patience is key. With all the work I have put in, I am getting the same (or very nearly) quality as we get from the professionally upgraded Flashforges that we have at work ($1000+ printers, vs my $250 printer)

Small dsc00706 By Trent Ristow on Jun 05 2017
Patients in learning it, will turn to loving it!

Being my first printer there was a learning curve. In this review I do not consider things like, first layer adhesion, layer quality, and similar "learning" aspects. This is a DIY kit that you put together, so there is a lot to it. It's not a "plug-n-print". And there are what I would call safety things that should be upgraded before use. Like a MOSFET, proper wiring to the heated bed and a more reliable power supply. With that being said, I absolutely love it. In fact I bought another one. Tons of files online to upgrade different aspects of it, like frame strengthening, bed adjustment knobs, cable organization, etc. This is not a MakerBot, you will need to tweak it.  You will need to pay attention to it. For me, after a month of learning it is now sweat as can be! If you don't have patients, or don't like to learn the details, this probably isn't for you.

Avatar small By Christino Maldonado on Jun 11 2017
awesome 3D printer

This was my first 3D printer I bought, it is fast, simple to assembling, it was my inspiration for start to building, the price is out of discussion, the best for that price.

Small photo 1 By alain frenois on Aug 18 2017
une très bonne imprimante 3d

une très bonne imprimante 3d

la première imprimante que j'ai conçu était un modèle très proche Prusa  après j'ai commandé un kit la prsusa 4 qui est toujours pas fini de monter je possède deux imprimante 3d up Imprimante 3D de bureau UP Plus 2 UP Plus 2, Précise et Plug & Play La UP! Plus 2 a été conçue pour produire des pièces résistantes et durables depuis votre bureau ou votre atelier. Le logiciel de pilotage de l'imprimante est très intuitif et sa prise en main relativement simple et rapide. Cela vous permettra  d'obtenir rapidement des prototypes réels à partir de modélisations 3D (CAO).  Modèle idéal pour les professionnels, ingénieurs, écoles, designers et passionnés de technologie - Calibration automatique ( hauteur de buse + mise à niveau du plateau) - Prix "Best in class" décerné par le magazine Make - Technologie de dépôt de matière en fusion (FDM) L'imprimante est livrée assemblée, il suffira d'installer le logiciel fourni et de suivre la procédure de mise en route pour imprimer votre premier modèle dans les minutes qui suivront. et  La UP Mini 2 est faite pour les personnes qui veulent se lancer dans l'impression 3D rapidement. Un nouveau design élégant, incluant des caractéristiques exceptionnelles, qui en font une machine polyvalente, adapté à tous. Tout en restant une valeur sûre de la marque Tiertime en terme d'imprimante 3D de bureau, la Mini 2 a hérité de tous les atouts de la Mini 1, à un prix toujours aussi intéressant, et tout en restant facile d'utilisation et d'une très bonne fiabilité. La qualité d'impression de la Mini 2 fait un bond en avant, grâce à sa nouvelle conception mécanique et la possibilité d'imprimer à une épaisseur de couches de 0,15mm. La Mini 2 est la toute première machine Tiertime à intégrer un écran tactile et le WIFI. L'utilisateur peut lancer une impression par Wifi et utiliser l'écran tactile pour effectuer commodément les opérations de base sans ordinateur. Avec d'autres nouvelles améliorations comme la filtration d'air HEPA intégrée, une poignée de transport en aluminium, et un support bobine intégré, avec un tiroir pour ranger les outils, la deuxième version de la UP Mini apporte un lot de nouveautés d'une grande qualité.

Nous fournissons en outre avec cette machine Une bobine d'ABS officiel 3 Plateau martyrs Outillage (spatule, jeu de clé HEX) Alimentation

Caractéristiques : - épaisseur de couches minimum : 0.15mm - auto-nivellement - écran tactile - connexion WIFI - filtration d'air - support bobine inclus - poignée aluminium - stockage des travaux d'impression : 10 - éclairage intérieur LED

Small 16708209 10154434367278251 2717672156535785461 n By Jez on Aug 28 2017
Great starter machine

I have now had one of these for about 3 months and have had great fun with it..As everyone has said, it's a great starter printer and if you spend the time to get to know it and tweak it gently it will give you great prints...

Avatar small By Timothy McCain on Feb 06 2018
Great machine, especially after upgrading it

I got this printer for Christmas.  It has been a lot of fun.  I almost immediately started upgrading it.  The great thing is that it is a rebrand of the Anet A8 and there is a TON of printable upgrades for it.  I switched out to an E3D V6 clone and a bowden extrusion setup.  I also upgraded the firmware to the latest version of Marlin, my prints have never been better.

Small burgereatburgerxbl By Grabbit on Jul 09 2018
Not for those who want's to print right away.

This printer is very affordable but is only for people that likes to learn and tinker. It has some good or descent parts, the bad is the frame made off acrylic very flimsy and the support of the hot bed deforms with the heat and makes it imposible to have the bed leveled for more than a couple of prints, but other than that it has been working fine obviously after I've got a new orballo's steel frame ( have to find the axles supports right for this frame and print them before swapping the frame). 

The price of the printer was $299 USD  and the steel frame was $100. Aprox. 2 years ago.

This printer you'll have to build it from 0 and there is no descent manual just the micro sd card with 3d files some pictures and some video I believe, showing how to assemble it if not you'll find some in youtube. 🤔 

Avatar small By bgtk on Aug 06 2018
Отличный подарок!!!

В качестве первого 3D принтера отличная вещь!

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