Robo C2

by Robo 3D
100% Recommended

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
127 x 127 x 152
Layer Resolution
20-300 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
250° C
Open Source

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Small 322055 10151003462385069 769565802 o By Ronald Jaramillo on Jan 14 2017
Great design and able to produce great quality prints

Robo did a great job with the packaging and the design of this printer. This looks really like a consumer product. Unpacking and getting started with your first print is a very positive experience. 

The mechanical of this machine are quite solid  and the results are precise and good looking prints. The printer is wifi/network enabled and runs Octoprint, but you can transfer files via  USB stick or using their IOS app. 

Overall this is an amazing  printer for the price point, but I do have some nitpicks. Some of this maybe fixed on later revisions as I have an early model. 

My biggest gripe is with the small touch display. It quite  difficult to work with. You have to press  hard to get it to respond properly. Paging up and down in the files menus is a bit of a hit and miss. Providing the network password was a pain in the a**.   The casing behind the display is a bit flimsy, so when you push on the screen the plastic moves/gives. 

But If you want a plug-n-play 3D printing experience at a very reasonable price, it's difficult to find something better than the C2.

Small 15589909 10202551525666746 723000310834156507 n By rolando_duarte on May 21 2017
Good 3-D printer for beginners

Is really easy use right out the Box P LA only No Heated bed 

Avatar small By Andy99 on Aug 10 2019
Simple and efficient

the biggest problem I had with the Robo c2 was Cura. Almost all the time the expected time on cuts would be 2 hours less than the print actually took. I had an issue on the first day because the IR sensor wasn’t working, so the heated tip jammed into the print bed. I contacted customer service and we turned off the sensor. After that, everything was fine. It’s a great beginner printer, but not the best for industry.

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