Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus

by Wanhao

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Avatar small By Marcin Banik on Feb 11 2021
Perfect for first printer!

Very good and sturdy construction, easy to disassembly and upgrade.

Avatar small By Shaded Orb on Sep 09 2019
Easy to use and rarely fails

It's my first printer, I printed many successful prints few failed but it was filament issue. Cura isn't so delightful for me I would prefer something with more options, I recommend the printer for for a beginner.

Avatar small By bglover51 on Aug 11 2019
Great first time printer

Easy to set up and use. There are some firmware updates to do, but essentially usable out of the box with minimal build time... Thoroughly enjoying this printer 

Avatar small By Ulysses 313 on May 20 2019
This is my first printer and I like it

It's great for learning 

Avatar small By purebylka on Apr 15 2019
i love this printer !

I love use this printer because it's very easy to use. The only problem i see it's the system of the fan who don't cool enough the object.

It's so easy to mounted it, only 4 screws. Only two or there cables to put.

Cura is very easy to use, and i never modify the firmware since i have the printer one year ago.

Avatar small By Terry O'Brien on Jan 11 2019
Very satisfied!

My Wanhao printer was actually purchased as a PowerSpec i3 Plus. I just got the printer about three weeks ago, so I'm still a novice to 3d printing. However, I am totally amazed at the quality of the printing and how quick and easy it was to learn the software functions.

I do have a few minor criticisms. The power button is inconviently located at the back of the printer. I replaced the knurled knobs for leveling the bed with a set that I found on the internet that I printed which I put nylon locking nuts on to help maintain the bed level. My next concern is that there is no lighting on the printer, so I designed and printed a platform to attach to the rear of the printer to mount an LED  strip to.

Bottom line: It's a great printer at a very reasonable price

Avatar small By Robin Vasea on Jul 07 2018
A great machine.

Also known as Cocoon Create Touch. Worth the price of NZ$600. Paused it for 3 hours went shopping came back and continued where I left off and the print turned out beautifully. I also managed to print my model with different colors after pausing it each time. Works well with the Craft Ware slicer. I would recommend this machine to anyone who is new to 3D printing. 

Avatar small By Emil Bakker on Apr 08 2018
A very good 3d printer for starters

Every design is a succes. you just have to tweak the machine for a few minutes.

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