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ABS, PLA, Wood, HIPS, Flexible
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Small 13151561 1372710172756189 519438555422083426 n By rob_defrancesco on May 12 2017
Hictop Prusa i3 Kit

So far this printer has been printing consistently now for 2 weeks, although the power supply went bad in a week. I ordered a better one on Amazon and got back up and printing in 2 days. I contacted the seller and they sent a new PSU within a few days.  I also have some issues with the drivers to connect this with my laptop. May be me, but windows 8 will only recognize the printer as a generic usb device? Anyway, since the new PSU, I have been printing something every day and just experimenting with different challenges, large and small objects  and multi-colored prints. Just having fun with this and learning a bit in the meantime...

Avatar small By teaker1s on May 14 2017
No warranty, Broken firmware and electrically dangerous

I Have updated this review as it appears Hictop buy in kits and lack the technical expertise to fix dangerous and faulty firmware, if a sensor wire breaks- the thermal protection is disabled. The Marlin firmware is open source, provided you can configure and compile it, users on thingiverse are using a version of Marlin RC8 compiled by a user on there- if an individual can fix firmware, HICTOP SHOULD BE ABLE TO. NO WARRANTY FROM HICTOP SLOW WARRANTY IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET WARRANTY FROM HICTOP ELECTRICALLY DANGEROUS FIRE HAZZARD FAILED PARTS IN ONE WEEK ****Amazon have been great in helping with issues, but this is a typical Chinese poor quality, lacking support and warranty product*** I chose to buy this model as it was sold on Amazon and I felt reassured that I would have a product that would have a warranty as 2 years statutory in Europe and support if there were problems. I'm disappointed 1 year warranty suggested and 3 months on certain parts Firstly I hoped that the printer would be easy to assemble as there were instructions and a video- I found both to be lacking in detail, I appear to have an amended product with differences and certain unclear alterations. I slowly took my time over two days building the printer as unclear instructions and a mass of spare bolts left after checking repeatedly that nothing was missing made- this quite a stressful build for electrician/mechanical engineer. Problems Mains live terminals- would fail Portable Appliance testing as no cord grip, class one no earth and exposed live terminals (could be sorted with a printed cover and a 3 core lead with appropriate plug and fuse) Cracked mount for bed polished rods-glued crack for moment (would like a replacement) Filament alarm ( known issue caused by interference ( removing filament alarm wire from loom cures) Filament alarm switch scrapes filament and poor printing as far too fast jerk settings and print speed. Bearing for bed axis is junk, 2mm run out and acrylic mount eaten by belt no matter how aligned ( known problem,supply better bearing) Extruder linear bearing- mine the ball bearings where in box- not sure if I have all in bearings and I struggled to refit them ( please supply replacement) Belt moving extruder rubs the belt tensioner and limit switch fastener as could do with 1mm shaved off belt tensioner ( a modified tensioner to print and replacement belt) Fan bolted to extruder heatsink no stand off in kit as instructions, bolts too short to fit supplied fan grill. limit switch removed for extruder height and firmware not set to limit max height- will hit gantry with display ( firmware issue) Extruder tensioner bolt flimsy 8.8 tensile strength ( 12 would be better,as lot of stress) Z axis unstable bottom polished rod (should supply bracket ) Filament spool holder ( couple of cones in build would improve kit) Power supply fan grating and rattling in a week of evening use ( need a replacement) Extruder fan grating and rattling in a week of evening use ( need a replacement) no display cover ( maybe a personal choice- but from static and children's fingers a cover supplied would have been nice) offer circular nozzle for turbo fan as one supplied has 3mm gap. FIRMWARE heater failed ( firmware issue and known) screen blocks on display occasionally Unresponsive firmware to commands occasionally locked firmware no EPROM write xyz jerk too high (set to 10 as 20 too high firmware will not save after power off, will shake to bits without thread lock) firmware no top limit DANGEROUSLY DISABLED FIRMWARE SAFETY AND HICTOP WON'T FIXING THIS

Avatar small By subdevil on Jul 11 2017
Great for beginners

A great desktop 3d printer for Beginners who want to know more about 3d Printers (DIY)

great value for 319$ with all this feauters

Small img 20171008 145102 201 By 3DVolt on Aug 07 2017
Great 3d Printer

only 300 $ for a awsome DIY printer.

Easy to built and great for practice.

good print quality and a lot of different filaments  supported

Avatar small By Pedro Mendoza Bru on Oct 30 2017
Good 3DP for the price

It does require to be able to solve technical issues. The linear bearings go bad when heating the table. Over-constrained design. Fixed by allowing the bearing on one side of the table to move on "X" direction to allow thermal expansion of heated table.

Avatar small By jefflakespeed on Feb 15 2018
Not a good buy

I have printed three thing that turn out not to bad but the print was small I tried to print something bigger and it keeps messing up the print.Now it will not print at all it will start up and do all the setup things and will start to print but it will not print it is not feeding the PLA and I can't find any help for this problem

Avatar small By gage on May 16 2018
Chalenges in building the printer

a few problems when building the printer some of the parts broke and were rebuilt using steel , but after the built and better understanding of the printing process it became very easy to use and hundreds of 3D parts have been printed without any prolems

Avatar small By DaddyGeek on Oct 11 2018
HicTop Prusa i3 Clone (3DP-08)

I bought this printer pre-built but lucked out on a builder who did an excellent job.  They were upgrading and still actively using the printer so I got some excellent "first time" hints and in-person "how to" right from the start.  I have not had to deal with the company itself but from what I see online most clients seem quite happy with the support.  There are a few recommended "add-ons" to print yourself to tidy it up but for a "kit" it is quite nice.

Small professional image fixed1 By JohnnyChan on Dec 14 2018
A not-so-great printer

It was my first DIY 3d printer, it works initially, but requires constant calibration and maintenance.  The printer is not reliable, quality is bad, the motherboard breaks down within a few months. I end up spending more for maintenance than the printer itself. It is truly not worth the hassle when there's much better printers on the market.

Small 01 By Buan on Sep 18 2019
Me ayudó a solucionar varios problemas.

Me gustó usarla, pero puede volverse un dolor de cabeza el tratar de resolver problemas de desnivelaciones de la superficie de la cama caliente si no se hace una buena instalación de la misma.

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