Type A Machines Series 1

100% Recommended

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
304 x 304 x 304
Layer Resolution
50-300 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon
Maximum Temperature
300° C
Open Source

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Type A Machines Series 1 Prints 42

Pin fruitpod done
Small 10363871 10100210846434665 1289736873989860790 n Avatar small Sean Higgins
Fruit Pods
Pin 2015 10 12 12.27.01
Small fantasygraph Small 200200avatar ObviousNinja
The Huntress v1.2
Pin img 20160211 130235
Small me Small 200200avatar ObviousNinja
7 X 7 mm. Cable Chain
Pin img 20160223 151335 2
Small photo thumb large Small 200200avatar ObviousNinja
Six Tower Castle
Pin img 20160503 153706874
Small 1 Small 1 Donald Merand
Bandage Box

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Small me autodesk By daveyclk on Nov 09 2016
A great 3D printer with a huge build volume

I've had my Series 1 for about 18 months and a love it. I have upgraded it with a HPB and webcam for time-lapse videos.

The quality of the prints is amazing, with very few failures (the failure for me have generally been down to crappy filament) 

Easy to use, robust hot end design and a web interface mean that (if you can stretch to its higher cost ) this is a brilliant 3D printer to have

Small operator machining automotive parts high precision machining cg9p6344831c th By Thinkingmore on Dec 03 2016
Type A-Machine-Pro Review

Owning this Type A-Machine-Pro now for 16 months having printed hundreds of items using a multitude of materials with reliable results, printing single item to a full platen of multiple parts.  This 3D printer has a large 12-inch cubed capacity.

Printing results success is 99% of the time, experienced only a hand full of aborts.  Operation requires care performing setups such as having a clean bed and preparing it, I use glue sticks, a glue stick holder is handy and available for download here.

Installing the Type A-Machine-Pro placed on a solid platform leveling is never an issue once done correctly.  As the machine is shipped they supply a tube to guide filament from the spool holder to the print head; the root cause of one print failure, it works fantastic without it. 

Comparing with other 3D printers. Type A Machine Pro results are the most reliable.   The print quality is very good yet there is better.  I attribute this to the cooling could be better.   The print head on this machine is outstanding.

Print quality; experimenting with the fan and fan shroud I used a thermal imager to better understanding material cooling and processing relative to printing quality.  Stock fan shroud misses the mark, this critical core function cooling and print quality are related. 

The Type A-Machine-Pro design is outstanding when one considers function it prints with outstanding reliability.   Machine features such as the open design provides ease of access to the build plate. Operation and the computer based software provides the best ease of use, seamless interface and the functions are flawless as this Type A-Machine is printer, not pretending to be a computer only interfacing with one.  

The glue stick holder designed for this printer and an improved fan shroud models you can print will be or are available here.    Happy printing.

Avatar small By EadsSci on Nov 02 2017
Great printer

Just like with many things, there is a little bit of a learning curve.  It will have problems printing a couple of things, but overall it does a pretty good job and I'm satisfied with it.

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