PowerSpec Ultra

86% Recommended

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
226 x 144 x 150
Layer Resolution
100-500 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, Polycarbonate
Maximum Temperature
300° C
Open Source
Closed Hardware

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Small avatar By tanya Wiesner on Oct 13 2016
For intermediate users

Excellent printer for price. Dual extrusion. Open source which allows it to be used with 3rd party software such as Simplify3d. Comes with SD card for printing from printer directly. Due to being a dual extrusion and no auto bed leveling, this printer is not for beginners.

Avatar small By cclontz on Oct 19 2016
I am thrilled with the build quality of the PowerSpec Ulta

I am thrilled with the build quality of the PowerSpec Ultra. I did need to invest in Simply3D to really take advantage of the printer but the price was right on the printer. I have printed about 6 spools of some of the cheapest fulfillment around and only just now have my first jam. I am using the second extruder until I have time to clear the jam. The dual extruter printing works great and I  cannot find anything bad to say about this printer. 

Small 988777 4991981285688 355119755 n By Lance on Oct 20 2016
Suberb quality and features for the price

You get a bunch of the features of $2,500 printers at less than $1000. I went through 5 printers in the week leading up until I found this one. I'm sticking with it.

Avatar small By WeGotA3DPrinter on Feb 25 2017
PowerSpec Ultra

We got this printer a month and a half ago and have been so pleased with it. At work, I use a couple other printers and this is far and away the best I've used. It's easy to use and adapt and produces great prints. It can't compete with something like a Prusa, but for $600, I haven't seen a better machine.

Avatar small By rodrigobergama on Mar 24 2017
Great for the price

The PowerSpec Ultra is my first printer. I like that it has dual extruders and is completely encased. Out of the box it is very easy to print simple pieces. The included software, Powerprint, is very simple to use and has good presets. As soon as I assembled the printer, I printed a piece immediately with no tuning whatsoever (note: this is not a plug and play printer, more complex/smaller prints require tuning).  There is very little customization of the print settings in Powerprint so I switched to slic3r. Since slic3r does not include this printer in its presets, it was a bit tedious to get everything working okay.

The build quality of the printer initially seemed great, but now I hear some creaking during higher speed prints. This has not affected my print quality yet, but I am concerned about the plastic housing and other plastic parts. For the price I am satisfied. 

Avatar small By jdballus on Dec 28 2018
great priced

this unit is a very compact and simple to use  

Avatar small By thedrawhoward on Mar 03 2019
Bugs and rumors of bugs

This is a promising bug catcher

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