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Small les june 2015   avatar By Les Hall on Oct 13 2016
From Disgrace to Success1

Today I recommend this printer to anyone who has one thousand dollars or less to buy a capable printer.  However the early days of this printer were scarred with unpleasantness, read on...

I bought an early version of the ROBO3D R1 model, just after the kickstarter got funded.  It was my first printer.  The wiring was a mess, there were all manner of failures, and I eventually took it apart for the motors because it died a death of heat.  I'm lucky the thing didn't catch on fire.  I feel like i got shafted.  

However, if they FIXED all that mess, it really is an extremely good printer for the price.  I presume that since they are still around and I have not heard any more horror stories that they fixed the problems.  Assuming they did, here's what you get:  

Excellent community help including a 24/7 chatroom, a heated glass bed (nice!), a large build volume (really big for that price), an all metal hot end that is direct drive (up to 290C, wow), NO WiFi so the ever present script kiddies wont 'mess with your printer mid-job, and good print quality.  The way the hot end is held in the extruder with two screws is wonky but it works ok I suppose.   

So it's kind of weird really, I had a bad experience, but I figure it's a great value and a high performer assuming they fixed the flaws.  Just check that they did before buying, lol.  


Small 11755885 999783830067096 6314273250503961672 n By conner_farrell on Oct 21 2016
Very Satsified; Worth the Investment.

I had purchased this printer last year (2015) during black friday for ~$670.  It was the first 3D printer I had ever used and there were only minor things that prevented it from working right out of the box. The only problem I had initially was the Z-axis would not home properly and it would start printing mid-air. This was because the X-axis was not even close to being level and so lead screws could not turn properly. Turning the lead screws by hand to get it somewhat level was an easy fix and was either discussed in the manual it came with or somewhere online (almost all issues have been solved online already it's just a matter of finding it.) After getting my first prints setup with Matter Control it was smooth sailing for a while. The only issues beyond that was a limit switch disconnected once and I just had to reattach the wires, and I started to have layer shifts in my Y-axis. This was fixed by turning up the stepper drivers a little and has not occurred since. 

After about 6 months had passed I broke the glass bed because I was being way too forceful removing a part from the glass before it fully cooled down. Though my warranty had just about expired they still gave me half off on the replacement bed.  About 2 months later I got a clog in my hot end and went about unclogging it in a rather unintelligent way, and wound up snapping the heat brake. I ended up replacing it with an E3D-V6 hotend which was an upgrade I had intended on trying at some point anyway. No significant performance differences from what I can tell so far. 

Matter Control has a nice UI and provides pretty good control over print settings. However, it takes a while to slice and setup the G-code for large prints, and in some cases it has slicing errors where entire sections are missing or it crashes. I upgraded to Simplify3D to replace it and in terms of slicing and tool-path generation its much faster. At first I was having first layer issues (the defaults in Matter Control work better) but have got it dialed in pretty well now. 

So I have owned this printer for 11 months now and it has been extremely useful for hobby projects and my engineering projects at school. With the new Robo R2 and C2 coming out those may be better purchases since they have significant improvements. Conversely since those are being released the R1 Plus will probably be discounted soon. 

I recommend this printer over Flash forge printers (we have multiple at school) since it has a bigger build plate, is cheaper, and is easier to use. I think its a good deal but can't say for sure if its the best value currently.

Avatar small By Micah Goodman on Oct 19 2016
Not perfect out of the box

Out of the box it prints fine, just not great. With some upgrades and some tweaking it is a phenomenal printer. All done I have about $1000 in my printer. I look at other peoples prints from printers costing way more than mine, and mine look way better. No matter what printer you buy, spend time reading forums and looking up YouTube videos. Spending time calibrating the machine makes all the difference. I use Astroprint for my printing software, not the software that came with it.

Small 14051673 10209285947412934 8512276803896094113 n By randy_merrell on Oct 19 2016
Price To Build Area Ratio

The Robo3D R1+ was the lowest price large build area printer when I bought it. I've learned a lot with it. I guess I'd buy it again if I were starting over. There are new options coming all the time. I think there are breakthrough's coming that will eclipse today's printers, but it's a good time to start learning.  

Small 12729255 996648603744811 1534974389757322883 n By David Lockwood on Oct 21 2016
I hate to criticize anyone's hard work but...

I've been working with the Robo3D R1 plus for about seven months.  I purchased this printer because                         1) it was a pre-assembled finished product                                                                                                                                              2) it fit in my budget                                                                                                                                                                                                3) it looked nice

On all three counts I am underwhelmed.  It was in one piece when I got it but the installation was a nightmare.  Being a complete noobie to 3D printing I was forced to begin a very steep learning curve.    To be clear this is a Riprap machine in a pretty package.  The Riprap wiki has been a major source of knowledge.  There is minimal documentation supplied with the printer so be prepared to hunt for it.  There are no schematics and very few useful diagrams to assist in the inevitable repairs.  As far as expense is concerned I have had to replace the hot end, two end stop switches and am getting ready to replace at least one stepper motor.  This may not sound like much but this is after only seven months.  I realize it was "in warranty" but after receiving several promises of replacement parts that never arrived (they seem to be out of stock on just about anything I would find useful) I was able to get replacements elsewhere. The heated bed is inadequate to anything but the most basic printing.  It is small, low wattage and provides inconsistent heat in terms of coverage.  It has not been a totally negative experience.  I have learned a great deal about a field that I was in total ignorance.  Much of this was due to the kind efforts of a couple of experts who staff the forum desk.  My plans are to replace the Robo with a Genuine Prusa i3 Mk2 from Joseph Prusa in the Czech Republic after the first of the year.  At least then I will be able to inspect and test each component as it is added (I'll get the costs about the same as the Robo) and I will not need to fight that useless case when I need to access components.

Avatar small By powerzog on Oct 26 2016
My experiences have been great

After lots of research, and the realization that I wasn't really comfortable with the do it yourself option, I decided to purchase the Robo R1 +. It got really good reviews, it has a large print area, and it was already assembled, and the price was doable. I had mine set-up and running within an hour of getting it home. The robo community has proven to be invaluable for their help, and tips and tricks with this printer. It is not perfect, and there will be some small issues along the way,(mine involves adhesion to the bed, but that is definitely a trial and error type of thing) but I highly recommend this printer for new users. I do advise using the resources available to you, as they will make your experiences positive ones. 

Small stevesaintsm By MagicSteve on Nov 04 2016
An excellent ready to print machine for the price

I got Robo R1+ last Christmas, and was printing with in the second hour. Auto leveling bed, heated bed, large print area, etc. I t there were a con it would be there was at the time no way to control during print if disconnected from your computer. Matter Hackers, fixed that with a tablet for 300 dollars. I am extremely happy with this setup. 

My next purchase will be Simplify 3D, to be able to do more with my creations. While the Matter Hackers software that comes with the Robo works fine, ( a reworked version of Cura) Simplify 3D has more of what I need.

I recommend this printer to all my friends.

Small 1554482 1008757975825142 2645167432864575633 n By kelly_luck on Nov 04 2016
As close to just-works as I've seen

I've been playing with consumer 3-D printers for a good little while now, waiting for them to get to the point where they would be reliable enough that I could spend more time printing than tweaking. The R1+ is an excellent worker that is usually extremely stable when it comes to prints. I've only had a couple problems with it: namely a clogged nozzle and the hot end thermometer getting broken. Their customer service helped me fix the clog, and sent along a replacement for the broken part. Other than that, this printer has taken pretty much whatever I throw at it, and cranks it out really well. The "medium" quality prints beat some "high" prints I've seen on other printers. 

They recently came out with a couple of new printers, which look great and improve on the R1+, but if you can't swing one of them, these are actually quite cheap now, and an excellent value. 

Some suggestions for getting the most out of yours:

* A quick spritz of Aqua-Net hairspray on the print bed does wonders for adhesion

* Print and use a filament oiler early on, to help avoid clogs.

* Get a "Smart LCD Controller XXL", it's a *huge* LCD screen that lets you control the printer without tethering it to a computer. It looks great, and really enhances the usefulness of the machine. It's only $70 or so, and can be installed in an afternoon. Can't recommend it enough.

Anyhow, this is an excellent printer, combining a good large print bed, bed level correction, and very high reliability. I've been very pleased with its performance. The bundled MatterControl software is not exactly mind-blowing, but it's adequate. I may move to Cura since I'm used to that on other printers. Definitely worth looking in to as a ready-to-use consumer printer.

Avatar small By mcox24 on Mar 26 2017
A great Value for the quality, features and easy to work with it.  It took two weeks to decide on the Robo R1 Plus, but was the best value for the money with all the features that it has. Built solid and they upgraded somethings the R1 didn't have. Ready from the box with auto leveling, heated bed, large print area is definitely a plus over other printers and a quick release for the hot end is a real big plus which I had to use on only the second time I used the printer because I left the filament in over night so don't do that because the hot end got clogged after only the second day I had it but only took 5 minutes to pull it out using the quick release and pulling the broken off filament  out but was my fault. I'm predicting the price on the R1 + will be coming down because Robo 3D is coming out with their new model the R2  end of March 2017 which is expensive and doesn't have as large a build area and the distributor's will want to get rid of their stock to make room for the R2, keep an eye out for sales. Still can buy some upgrades for it like an LCD screen/control so you don't have to be connected to a computer or you can run off of the included SD card once you set the card up another plus. Very happy with it after only 3 days of having it and I already know it's going to be a long relationship but my wife doesn't  know it yet.....LOL

Avatar small By Laura Melnik on Apr 24 2017
First time 3D printing

Love the heated bed and the compact footprint.  

Medium. Changing the line is a bit of a huge learning curve. But I have the hang of it now.

Hate: I hate that the bed does not have a back drive sensor so each time it aligns itself it goes through the bottom middle and the CRASH well, that means it's almost time to print.  Couldn't you have put a limit switch on both ends?

The print head get the material around it's it starts, sometimes it makes zero up and down to high off the table. This makes the material want to stick to the table, but whe. The next pass comes by, it just picks up the first laver and poop gets all over the head. Then the rest of the model is junk. 

Like that my husband learned how to use it so I can do my toys. We have made quite a few custom parts for the RC Planes we build for others. 

Wish it had a shield. The AC blows right at it. So we have had to put a diverted into the AC duct to keep the parts from cooling to fast.

It's a bummer I got the model I did when the newer model came out just a couple months after mine.

The 2 softwares MC and the other one are so diffeeent that only 1 should come with the printer.  Make it easy for the techno-tard to get going.

I like my printer. No, I think I love my printer :)

Laura Melnik

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