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Small crazy eye By dookie on Oct 20 2016
Assembly required but it's time well-spent

The Folger Tech Kossel is not only a kit, it's a delta kit so it's not for the faint of heart or the impatient. The assembly itself is relatively straightforward but the calibration takes a significant amount of time to get right but if you keep at it, you can get really good prints out of it. 

Small 11053342 10153276008964862 6375731284990624978 n By scot_morgan on Jan 12 2018
Folgertech Kossel 2020

I bought my printer in January of 2016, so I have had it 2 full years now. It was my first printer, and I don't suggest going into a delta on your first try, but this is how I roll.  

I assembled it easy enough in a couple of days, only an hour or two each night, it was not so frustrating, just tedious. The frame is super sturdy, and it all worked well once i configured everything. Calibration was a bit of a nightmare, but this is a delta issue, not because of Folgertech. (also, i tend to rush through stuff sometimes and missed a couple important steps initially that cost me alot of time.)

This printer prints amazing at incredible speeds compared to my friends with standard cartesian printers. I have upgraded many parts since i bought, but nothing because I had to, but because i wanted to. I have had one bearing go bad and had to be replaced in 2 years.

I highly suggest you check out Folgertech before you make your purchase, their FT-5 printer looks amazing and will be my next purchase. Their online support is great and the community surrounding it is very helpful

Small tiki spear By StudioD on Aug 26 2018
Folger Tech Kossel

I'm had my  Folger Tech Kossel for over 3 years now and couldn't be happier with its performance.  It is truly a complete kit with everything  needed to build a quality Delta-style printer.  The large diameter heated build plate combined with a tall build height are a plus.   The step-by-step assembly and setup manuals  are EZ to follow and complete.  Once setup  and leveled the print quality is excellent and dimensionally accurate.  I have had few print failures. The only modification I have made is adding a cooling duct to the print head to improve filament layer adhesion.  I've found that using a thin glass sheet covered with Blue painter's tape rubbed with stick School Glue (or spread with a thin coating of "Super Glue") and spring clipped to the metal build plate  gives the best  print adhesion for both PLA and ABS .  I keep several glass sheets prepped and on hand to switch-out when making multiple prints.

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