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The Form 2 is a high-resolution desktop stereolithography 3D printer (SLA) with an affordable price point. It's capable of printing with a full suite of materials from colorful standard resins to functional engineering materials with properties similar to materials like ABS, polypropylene, and rubber. It boasts a higher quality surface finish and feature resolution than standard FDM machines.

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Print Bed Size (mm)
145 x 145 x 175
Layer Resolution
25-100 microns
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Self heating resin tank
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Small eef6e55e 4ed9 4b77 9a17 b657a2056237 By Thomas Riedel1 on Apr 07 2018
What should I say, I didn’t regret that buy !

I use it in my dental dental Lab, for dental models, Michigan’s guards , and it’s a big success.

My customers and visiting Patients are really impressed.

I hope to print acrylic Prothetics next time !

Avatar small By yoda on May 29 2018
First impressions only - As easy as printing a document on a regular printer

I think it important to write a review when you just start using a product.  these are the honest first impressions.

Perspective: A few years ago I purchased a FDM 3D printer from a well respected Dutch Manufacturer when I believed the product had reached a point I could use it at work and was relatively "plug and play".  While I still think it was a good printer it was not close to plug and play and took a lot of learning and "playing with" to get successful prints, feed speeds of the filament, filament jams, spools unwinding. heads requiring cleaning, truing the build platform, and so on.  I had a 40% success rate on that printer. 

Today:  I have long coveted the SLA type printers over FDM.  I looked at the Form 1 and though Formlab was a company on the right track for plug and play printer simplicity.  I waited until the brand matured some more and glad I did as they made some solid usability improvements on the original.

First impressions:

Setup is dead easy.  Quite intuitive if you are moderately technically inclined and following the instructions for the non technically inclined is easy.  Software dead easy to grasp.  I have only printed the example Formlab logo model that opens when you open the software for the first time.  Perfect print.  After this I printed a spiral vase I downloaded from  Easy to scale in the software  and easy to change settings.  I used the auto generated support.  This was a bit tedious to remove after print (FDM dual extruder with dissolvable filament for support is missed) but the software allows you to add and subtract support.  After reviewing the print it was easy to see how I should print the support in the next print so it is not tedious to remove. Printing was as easy as sending the print to the printer via wifi and then on the printer pushing go.  The printer prompts a few pre-start checks and then is fire and forget.

Firmware update of the printer was a snap.  

I am now considering getting the post processing tools, auto wash and curing booths.  They will make this a complete package work station.

only gripe so far is price... it is expensive, but I am happy with my purchase.

Small r dark By RickRobles on Jul 09 2018
The Form 2 that I live with.

Well... first of all, this printer is amazing. The prints come out wonderfully and work perfectly... when they come out (I've a 90% success rate). It is kind of hard to do overly complex shapes, but when it does, it manages wonderfully. We have it at the place I work and I manage it. Love it. If you've the patience and need extremely good looking and detailed prints. get one... NOW!

Avatar small By mikeholmes633 on Jul 22 2018
My Form 2 review - mikeholmes633

I had some issues with the initial printer (i.e., it quit printing), but Formlabs service was great. They shipped a replacement printer right away and I've been up and running ever since. My first project was the 3D printed violin (designed by bchan) that I downloaded from It came out great - I may even learn to play the violin now! The cost of the resin is high but worth it to me. I also wish I had the ability to control the printer remotely (i.e., start/stop/pause a print from anywhere/computer). This could be accomplished by giving some controls to PreForm, which I could then access remotely with TeamViewer (or like) - or they could let it connect to the IOT (or alexa!). Anyway, overall I'm loving my new Form 2.

Avatar small By Camburu on Jul 29 2018
Excellent resolution with minor drawbacks

My work owns one primarily for printing prototypes of mobile accessories. We've used both standard and flexible resin. The printer itself is very easy to set up and use, and the Preform software is very intuitive. I would say the most challenging thing about this printer is the supports. Not only placing them in the software, but carefully removing them from the printed model one by one, so as not to damage the print. I have noticed on a few prints that the supports slightly warped the surface.

Overall though the detail you can get from this printer is extremely impressive. Some sanding is required to get a perfect finish but compared to FDM printers the difference is staggering.

Avatar small By johndds1 on Jul 30 2018
Form 2 is a reliable printer

I’ve used Formlab’s Form 2 a little over a year and it has a success print rate of over 90%. Most failed prints come from resin cured on the tray and it’s time to be replaced. I use this printer to print all models except for edentulous or partially edntulous models and make bitesplints, retainers and surgical stents for guided surgery.  I also have form wash and cure and it is remarkable the difference in clean up and Hardness of our models with this process. 

Primary consideration is use of a DLP printer (Moonray) vs the SLA Form 2.  Both are great printers at an affordable price.  DLP is definitely faster and accurate.  Consider both before your purchase.  

Small yodabuddhaoriginal By smaartist on Aug 13 2018
Form 2 Rocks My Socks

I have loved using my Form 2 Printer.  I offer printing services in case anyone is interested.  Contact me through

It's been a great machine for me in prototyping, toys, maquettes, and gifts.  I've printed for many other people and all are happy and impressed with the quality of the prints that the Form 2 gives.

Avatar small By rob.williams on Sep 12 2018
Form 2 Great Machine

The Form 2 reliably produces high quality SLA prints at a reasonable price. The machine is easy to operate and maintain. The software is a bit buggy on a Mac, but runs well on a Windows platform. It is nice compliment to my Markforged FDM based machines.

Avatar small By vilijam on Dec 01 2018
Satisfying to work with

It is my first 3D printer and I am deeply impressed by the quality this printer produces. My first print had a perfect surface, clear edges and perfect spikes. The setup was very easy (had to restart it during the first heat-up phase due to some SW bug) and the use is intuitive and simple. The design of the printer I find personally very pretty and the build quality reminds me on Apple standards ... very good! The SW does what it is supposed to do in an intuitive way. I had no difficulties at all with it on Windows when it comes to  SW installation, printing, firmware updates etc. Luckily I have my PC close to the Printer so I can use USB port, because the built-in Wifi shows a very weak signal, although the router is almost on the same desk ... !? Make sure that you read the full article on the supplier webpage, as you might end up with some more necessary tools than you  initially think (washing, curing, one resin tank per material type, etc.) - but I guess you would need that for any other SLA printer too. My experience with sales and service is a bit unlucky, because the supplier in my country is new to this business and does not know much  about his own products ... so, check out the Formlabs homepage first.

Avatar small By Arvis Nackalns on Dec 20 2018
Easy to work with!

the print quality is great, but the maybe a bit fragile.

Yoy got to be careful cutting of supports.

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