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Avatar small By cyprien on Oct 18 2016
Best price/quality ratio

The overall experience to set-up the printer and start the first print is A++ Beautiful interface, fast and intuitive software and no settings like temperature to figure out... Post-processing is a bit hard the first time but get easier with practice and after reading tutorials.

Avatar small By diana on Oct 19 2016
Saves time + money

This is by far the best solution for high quality printed parts combined with optimal value for money.  It's an accessible price-point for professional use.  It saves money (cheaper than alternatives that can yield high quality) and saves time (compared to other machines with higher failure rates).

The Form 2 plugged the vulnerabilities of the Form1 and Form 1+, making for a low maintenance user experience. 

Avatar small By stevepeters09 on Oct 19 2016
It works

The form 2 just works. The software is simple and there is no tweaking to get it to work. Just load your model and print. It does take some hands on work to wash the print and trim the supports, but every print I have done created a successful result. 

Detailed Prints, Ease of Use

I enjoy the Form 2. Easy to use, great quality and great product.   There are always trade offs so decide what you want to print. Then do your homework. I have made GoPro parts and Drone stuff as well as a nice print of my house. I did that with aerial images and drone mapping software. 

Small me By Abdullah Al Dar on Oct 20 2016
Professional & Well Priced

You won't be able to find a professional SLA printer for the same price. Form 2 is just way ahead of the competition and produces excellent prints with minimal effort.

Avatar small By David Birkas on Oct 20 2016
Perfect choice!

Reliable, easy to use, constantly updating the printer and the corresponding software, material for every use case, great community and customer support, amazing detail!

Avatar small By djessup on Oct 20 2016
Great Printer for All Designs

This printer will print in various materials and the detail after print will need little to no clean-up of the object that was printed.  I have used other FDM printers and the Form 2 out performs them all.  I feel the material costs are a little high, but you can't beat the end product.  I highly recommend the Form 2 for anyone interested inn 3D printers.

Small 526894 1397932917103029 564981783 n By Tamir Lederman on Oct 20 2016
Great 3D printer 4/5 stars

Serviced our mechanical team at Mellanox for prototypes and mockups.

Avatar small By zlspradlin on Oct 20 2016
Form 2

My Form 2 is amazing. The consumables can get you with the resin, tanks and build platforms, but other than that it is wonderful. 

Small finalist By Mark Simmons on Oct 20 2016

We recently purchased the Form 2 and were overwhelmed after unboxing. We have been using FDM printers for the past few few years, and SLA was a new adventure. After the first print, we thought "it can't really be that easy?", but then print after print we replicated the same incredibly easy process with mind blowing quality results. We haven't even printed beyond the normal resolution and can't imagine how much better looking it could get.

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