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Avatar small By vkhiran on Jul 03 2020
form 2

have this machine for the past 4 years. fantastic machine with a wide range of usable materials. print accuracy is very good if learn to orient the files .software is super easy to use. one of the most important aspects ,service!in india formlabs service provider is pathetic. 

Avatar small By cozmet25 on Jul 03 2020
Can't wait to get started!

I have not personally used this printer, but have seen it being used. I finally own one and am looking forward to really get busy on it.  I'm very excited!

Avatar small By elpeterson on Jun 28 2020
Love this printer

I can't speak to the value or customer service as this is a work owned printer. The printer was not in good working order when I took it on as a project and the community provided a ton of support to get it cleaned and running. The software is idiot proof and the speed and success rate is perfect for the quality. I've been able to find alternatives to Formlabs resin and it works just as good for half the cost.

Avatar small By Carlos Mario Rosales Velez on May 20 2020
Love this printer

The printer and customer service are excellent. Delightfully detailed prints comes out almost every time if you get to know the software and printer

Avatar small By jlan70 on Apr 23 2020
Very good product

Form 2 is quite good printer. Good detail. Post processing is a bit long but easy. 

Avatar small By 010100010101 on Apr 15 2020
solid Printer

I have to echo what others have said. The form 2 is a pretty good solid printer. Good detail. It's a bit on the slower side and the scaffolding can be a bit of a hassle. The resin can be expensive.

Avatar small By Tony Martin on Apr 10 2020
Solid Printer

The Form 2 is a very solid printer for dental applications.  I have been happy with the quality.  The cost of material is quite expensive and the customer service is marginal.  I am savvy enough to trouble shoot many issues myself, so I have been able to bypass support when needed.  Overall, a solid printer.

Avatar small By gillesfreedom on Feb 18 2020
Very good prints

I have only printed  maybe  60 pieces and only one did not turn out good. The prints are very detailed . I use the purple resin/wax , for myself I cast at a lower temperature that they recommend and I am getting good results. The printer is expensive (this is my first printer )formlabs2.

Now they are selling the formlabs3 and they say that it is even better then the formlabs2.

Small logo 1 By 以希山琉璃獎座設計 on Jan 11 2020
great machine to use

I have very good experiences with using it.  The formlab2 always comes out very good models. The only thing is the resins cost more than FDM.

Avatar small By KELLY BOYLES on Sep 25 2019
Cool Beans

The printer works great, easy to set up and use. I am super pleased with the quality of the print as well. 

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