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The Form 2 is a high-resolution desktop stereolithography 3D printer (SLA) with an affordable price point. It's capable of printing with a full suite of materials from colorful standard resins to functional engineering materials with properties similar to materials like ABS, polypropylene, and rubber. It boasts a higher quality surface finish and feature resolution than standard FDM machines.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
145 x 145 x 175
Layer Resolution
25-100 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
Self heating resin tank
Open Source

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Small 3d373c4b 8442 440c 90b3 041ba8c4126a By Black_Ram_Industries on Nov 06 2017
Just works

As a engineer and designer I just need to hit print and then walk away. This is the best printer I own.

Small 01337926ea83d458d1ac10decb546e53f69352112f By marco_tacchetto on Nov 19 2017
Perfetct printer

top quality material, easy to set and  fantastic  print  resolution

Avatar small By dr.berry on Nov 28 2017
Print dental guides and other dental appliances

I love my 3 D printer!!

Small dental technics . nijmegen logo def By Dental Technics on Dec 01 2017
perfect solution for dental appliances

Labor saving "equipment" just love it

Avatar small By ARW on Dec 03 2017
First time with a 3D printer. I believe I got spoiled by having this one as my first.

It is an absolute joy as to how easy it is to set up, swap tanks, cartridges.  The quick change build platform means I can have the next job running within minutes of the last one completing.  It belongs to work, but I'm accountable for it.  It runs about 16 hours/day since new.  I've had one failure due to user error, my error.  Wish we had 2 of them, so I wouldn't have to come in on odd hours to swap out the build platform and start the next print.

Cost of the consumables is something to seriously consider.  I have 4 extra build platforms, over a dozen cartridges of various resins, 2 UV cure chambers I built, having to replace tanks after 2 liters of resin is something to consider.  Obviously I don't have to pay for that, which makes this review very biased based on success of the prints only, and not cost of overall system and it's consumables.

The software to set up the prints is easy and very intuitive.  Formlabs has great support, videos, and customer service.  They have quickly resolved issues I've had with orders and been timely in responding to communication online.

I love this thing.

Avatar small By Christopher Estelow on Jan 26 2018
Love this printer

This this is really the only 3D printer I've ever used... Super easy software and easy to run... Highly recommended

Avatar small By ZenicaPA on Jan 28 2018
My Form2 so far

So far, I love it. Have had a few issues but can't deny it prints so damn perfect!

Avatar small By sculptingman on Jan 28 2018
the microwave oven of 3D printing

I have been modeling for print and mill for 19 years now... and a;ways relied on service bureaus due to the high cost of high resolution printers, and the rapid rate of improvement making investing in any one machine a losing proposition.

But prices are coming down and the versatility of SLA printers is growing, what with multiple resin formulations that sumulate everything from neoprene to Nylon... as well as cermamics and even burnable resins for invest,ent casting.

So it was finally time to pick a printer for in house.

I mostly do larger, figurative prints that require the best detail and surface finish possible.   Because of this I know my average print time is gonna be around 20 hours... so the criterion I applied demanded an SLA printer that monitored and dispensed  its own resin levels....

The Form 2 was really the only machine that met all my requirements.

It had a wide line of varied resins available, self filling and monitoring of resin levels, ultra high detail, a  laser twice as powerful as most affordble SLAs ,  sealed optics, and a wiper bar to keep the resin well mixed and clear any debris or blobs of semi-cured resin out of the way for every layer.

The cartridge resin system allowed for swapping resins rapidly and a clean operation...

In running it... it's as close to a microwave oven as any 3D printer gets... professional, reliable, easy to use.

Avatar small By rees.verleur on Feb 23 2018
Great printer, but the price . . .

This is an absolutely fantastic printer but with the large price-tag I can't say I would recommend it to my friends. The fact that the consumables (material, tanks, etc.) are so expensive makes this printer less than ideal for the average "maker."  I am currently building a UV curing box for my printer which is another expense you need to take into account if you don't want to shell out the $700 for the Formlabs solution. That being said, it is a great system; haven't had any problems with the prints yet, although I wish there was a little more customizability with the software settings. Though if you are looking to get into SLA printing, and don't mind the extra work, the Peopoly Moai kit might be a good choice. 

In Summary, I would recommend this printer to companies wishing to do more accurate prototyping and to those to whom reliability and the high resolution is worth the extra price.

Avatar small By David Fong1 on Mar 06 2018
Best printer around

Can't beat the ease of use and quality. 

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