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The Form 2 is a high-resolution desktop stereolithography 3D printer (SLA) with an affordable price point. It's capable of printing with a full suite of materials from colorful standard resins to functional engineering materials with properties similar to materials like ABS, polypropylene, and rubber. It boasts a higher quality surface finish and feature resolution than standard FDM machines.

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
145 x 145 x 175
Layer Resolution
25-100 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
Self heating resin tank
Open Source

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Avatar small By vilijam on Dec 01 2018
Satisfying to work with

It is my first 3D printer and I am deeply impressed by the quality this printer produces. My first print had a perfect surface, clear edges and perfect spikes. The setup was very easy (had to restart it during the first heat-up phase due to some SW bug) and the use is intuitive and simple. The design of the printer I find personally very pretty and the build quality reminds me on Apple standards ... very good! The SW does what it is supposed to do in an intuitive way. I had no difficulties at all with it on Windows when it comes to  SW installation, printing, firmware updates etc. Luckily I have my PC close to the Printer so I can use USB port, because the built-in Wifi shows a very weak signal, although the router is almost on the same desk ... !? Make sure that you read the full article on the supplier webpage, as you might end up with some more necessary tools than you  initially think (washing, curing, one resin tank per material type, etc.) - but I guess you would need that for any other SLA printer too. My experience with sales and service is a bit unlucky, because the supplier in my country is new to this business and does not know much  about his own products ... so, check out the Formlabs homepage first.

Avatar small By Arvis Nackalns on Dec 20 2018
Easy to work with!

the print quality is great, but the maybe a bit fragile.

Yoy got to be careful cutting of supports.

Avatar small By Slem Lucio on Feb 25 2019
Formlabs Form 2 is an excellent Stereo-lithography machine that delivers excellent prints 98% of the time.

Formlabs Form 2 is an excellent Stereo-lithography machine that delivers excellent prints 98% of the time. I would recommend this 3D printer as an Intermediate level 3D printer due to the handling of chemicals and overall care needed to maintain this fine-tuned machine.  The cost of the machine is modest due to the retail ready detail prints that it can create. There are cheaper SLA machines on the market but you truly pay for what you get.  I would recommend reading the reviews on the cheaper SLA machines before you buy. I have four Form 2 machines and I have only had two problems that needed one of the machines to be replaced. It's going on 2 years and with only running into two problems mechanically (one was my fault, I bent the bottom of the resin tanks sensor) that speaks volumes about the quality of engineering that was put into this machine. I would give this machine overall 5 stars but the resin is not inexpensive, the software interface could use some improvements, and this machine is not kid-friendly due to the chemicals used (99% isopropyl alcohol and liquid resin). I would say that the age range for this machine would be 13 years of age and older. I have used these machines and the varying types of resin's that Formlabs offers to create variety of 3D prints to be used for various reasons such as robotics (tough resin), brewer pressure valve (dental resin, FDA approved), sculptures (clear resin), 3D scanned bust (white resin) and architecture (white and clear resin). The list goes on... Overall, I recommend the Form 2 as a safe and reliable SLA 3D printer.  

Small puffin b By Puffin on Mar 12 2019
It's all about the quality

Combined with FormWash and FormCure, this setup can produce great results right from the printer, but with some extra sanding and polishing can produce production quality results - impressive.   Some resins are brittle (colour resin is especially brittle) but when you understand the materials and how to design and print with them, I've had some great results.  Using "tough" resin for functional parts that can accept self-tapping screws, which is great.

Avatar small By Munoz on Apr 09 2019

Good price, nice results.

Avatar small By Alex Domnits on Jul 10 2019
The good 3D printer ,very good quality of print

printer used in opto mechanics lab in R&D department

Avatar small By Potootatos on Aug 09 2019
Worth the cost

The easiest printer I have ever used, with the highest print quality. 

Avatar small By KELLY BOYLES on Sep 25 2019
Cool Beans

The printer works great, easy to set up and use. I am super pleased with the quality of the print as well. 

Small bwec3 By 以希山琉璃獎座設計 on Jan 11 2020
great machine to use

I have very good experiences with using it.  The formlab2 always comes out very good models. The only thing is the resins cost more than FDM.

Avatar small By gillesfreedom on Feb 18 2020
Very good prints

I have only printed  maybe  60 pieces and only one did not turn out good. The prints are very detailed . I use the purple resin/wax , for myself I cast at a lower temperature that they recommend and I am getting good results. The printer is expensive (this is my first printer )formlabs2.

Now they are selling the formlabs3 and they say that it is even better then the formlabs2.

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