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Delta printers use a different motion platform for the typical rectangular printers you might normally see. They instead use 3 vertical towers to create a prism shape. This comes with the advantage of higher speeds and better print quality in some cases, but they generally come with smaller build volumes and can be difficult to calibrate.

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Small 485933 324163687690011 1434426378 n By atarka on Oct 20 2016
Micromake DIY delta printer

If you have a tinkering nature and are mechanically inclined, this is a great 3d printer for you. Purchase an entire kit from $250 -$800 usd (plus S&H, customs) and assemble yourself . print area of 180mm x 180mm x 300mm. runs on a 12v power supply.Thanks to the design your build plate is stationary and only the print head moves, putting less strain on your stepper motors, requiring less power. Excellent quality prints at an efficient price! Micromake delta printer files can be downloaded  @

Small 11751815 10153562981394797 3467148182948748046 n By boksbox on Oct 20 2016
RepRap Kossel Mini

Goes really fast and quality is great.  

Limiting factor is size.  Also I don't have heated bed so I'm stuck with PLA.

Small 12138462 10206305586411254 6119272280050497565 o By Alejandro Devia (Pacholi) on Oct 20 2016
Good pretty and cheap

For a price much lower than any other 3D printer, this printer have high quality, easy to assemble. The downside is the leveling, to perform automatic leveling is not well, you need to make manual adjustments. Once the adjustments made can be printed without problems.

Small hq1u2az By brett turnage on Oct 22 2016
It's kind of hard to rate a custom Delta because its success will depend on the materials and the build.

I've built 2 delta printers, one based off of the Rostock that is modified, and one that is a full custom delta printer with all metal parts, and has a bed of 360mm. 

Their success is based off of the parts that are used, but in general delta machines respond well to 32-bit boards and higher microstepping. So if you get one, plan on switching to one of the 32-bit board options because you will see a huge jump in your print quality. 

Delta's do take up more room than a cartesian of the same build area, but they offer a large Z-height, so you do not have to worry about taller prints fitting. 

I highly recommend me them if: they are built well, use the correct software, and are or will be using 32-bit boards. 


Avatar small By Fred Cook on Jul 11 2017
Delta Printers

I prefer the Delta style (fixed bed) printers over those with movable beds. I have compared the two styles and found that delta style printers produce a more accurate model. I have used 3D printers at work, school and at home.

Avatar small By Ruturaj Shinde on Sep 18 2017
HE3D K200 delta Printer really awesome

really good  printer for economical budget. Prints perfect quality objects. faster printing. just loving it

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