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Small untitled.001 2 By mmizuno on Dec 04 2020
Small reliable tool

This is the third unit from the old model purchased in 2013. Ideal for printing small models specializing in ABS.

Avatar small By oldgoat on Dec 26 2018
An excellent starter machine.

Easy to use and produces good results. Heat bed could be better but it is functional. Small build volume is sometimes a hassle but scaling is simple.

Avatar small By shimarz on Dec 20 2018

When printing, if I open the lid above the printhead to let out heat, the nozzle will not clog. After discovering this law, I can shape it very comfortably.

Avatar small By JASSEM on May 21 2018
It's an ABS master 3d printer

I use it to print ABS parts & models

Avatar small By JosepM on Apr 07 2018
Still kicking high

Despite the time that this printer has been in the market, this second generation of the Up Mini is the best you can purchase as unbox'n'print. Before I decided my acquisition I had been reading reviews, asking friends and sellers and testing many printers. If you don't want deal with printer kits to build your 3D printer at home and you don't want to get prepared to launch a rocket to the moon each time you want to print, Up Mini 2 is your right choice. 

Elegant design, compressed size, and wifi connection plus adjusted price. When you see the high quality of your printed pieces and the possibles materials you will fall in love. The only, the 12x12x12cm of the build size. 

But without any doubt, Up Mini2 should be the first 3D Printer of any beginner.

Avatar small By maik.thiel on Dec 15 2017
Decent 3D Printer

This is a really good Printer for printing ABS. And it is User Friendly.

Small bumblebrush By BumbleBrush on Nov 09 2017
Good and reliable entry level 3dp

This is my first 3d printer and it teach me almost everything about 3d printing.

it's almost a year now with less than 10 fail prints!

Small ff square white By freeformxyz on Jun 19 2017
Best 3D Printer for Classrooms!

This is the perfect starter 3D printer and great for young students.  It's fully enclosed which prevents wandering hands from getting too close to hot moving machine parts during printing (if you open the door while printing the machine automatically pauses).  The HEPA filter helps clean and purify the air as well.  

The print quality is on par with the best desktop printers I've used and the software is easy to learn.  Other great features include a touch screen interface and power loss recovery.  If you lose power during the middle of a print (or say a student accidentally unplugs the machine or bumps the power button), you can resume the print when power is restored.  I tried this myself just to see if it worked and was very impressed.  It also has WiFi connectivity and even a smartphone app you can install to start prints and monitor the printer (as long as you're on the same network).  The software also lets you insert pauses to change colors mid-print.

Regarding some other reviews complaints, we haven't seen any temperature sensitivities.  The enclosure seems to work very well.  The build size is relatively small and while it is true you cannot cut the model into smaller sections using the printer software, it's easy to do this in other free programs like Netfabb or MeshMixer, thus allowing you to print larger parts in small sections and gluing them together.  Also, while ABS, ABS+, and PLA are the only default material profiles, it is possible to create your own custom profiles with different extrusion temperatures in the software.  Larger spools of filament will not fit inside the standard enclosure, but there is a simple spool holder you can 3D print from Afinia3D's website that I recommend allowing you to hang larger spools directly on the printer.

The only issue I have with the software is it lacks to ability to view layer by layer after slicing which most (all?) other slicers let you do.

Overall, I think this is one of the best values out there in terms of features per dollar.  The build quality is great, mostly injection molded parts (not 3D printed).  I recommend US buyers get this printer from Afinia3D (under the name H400) as their US based tech and warranty support is outstanding.

Avatar small By time on Oct 25 2016
A good entry-level printer

We bought this for our classroom after using borrowing a couple of first generation Up Minis last year.  There are a ton of improvements over the first generation such as interior light, see-through windows, rear door, touch-screen, ability to perform maintenance tasks without needing a computer & HEPA filter.  That being said, I have three minor complaints: only TierTime rolls of filament fit into the filament case, a few software tasks are more challenging than with the first generation software, and the machine footprint is fairly large for the size of the build volume.  This is a good machine, at a reasonable price, that works well for beginners.  I would definitely recommend this machine to others.

Avatar small By cipicas on Oct 20 2016
This review is for Up 3D Mini

Tried to print a arduino case and base was always warping with X diferent setup (I giveup). On other parts printed like large circles, long shapes, no issues. Print quality is decent, material setup allow only ABS, ABS+, PLA with no head temp tuning. 

UP Mini 2 Prints 31

Pin crushed coffee cups 02
Small s animation 256x256 Small heartphone mieke van der poll
Crushed Coffee cup
Pin ring preview featured567
Small girgisdesignslogo black Small girgisdesignslogo black Daniel Girgis
Halo/Tron Inspired Ring
Pin 11250145 10153561550652731 4539504546205346226 n
Small 10363871 10100210846434665 1289736873989860790 n Small 10403093 10153038390307731 4274750179734362017 n edison_chong
Low Poly Moai
Pin crushed coffee cups
Small s animation 256x256 Small heartphone mieke van der poll
Crushed Espresso cup
Pin moai
Small 10363871 10100210846434665 1289736873989860790 n Small 10403093 10153038390307731 4274750179734362017 n edison_chong
Low Poly Moai
Pin 12039548 10153597514357731 8789102759276221400 n
Small 10363871 10100210846434665 1289736873989860790 n Small 10403093 10153038390307731 4274750179734362017 n edison_chong
Simple Elephant
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