Makerbot Replicator Fifth Generation

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Small ben By TnaTmr on Jan 28 2017
Consistent & Beautiful Prints

The Makerbot is a great printer. You can easily leave anything to print on its own and not worry about failures and incomplete prints. The quality and the accuracy of the prints are immensely good and it is really simple to use. The only downside of it is that you can only print PLA and to print other 3rd party filament you need to print an external spool holder. Also I can not say anything about the customer service as it isn't available here in Turkey. Overall it is an amazing machine, and if you don't mind only printing in PLA, I would definitely recommend it. 

Avatar small By Holley on Jan 23 2017
Easy entry into 3D printing - limited filament choices

PROs:Easy to use. Reliable printer. Software updates since Stratasys purchased the company have been frequent improving print speed and quality. 

CONs: Makerbot promised filament options a few years ago (metal, wood composites) that they have not released or supported 3rd party manufacturers of filament.

Avatar small By nitaygold on Dec 20 2016
The best package in the 3D market today

I have been owning the replicator 5th gen for couple of years already. The software and the ease of use makerbot provides is second to none. The printer is reliable enough and provides great parts and accuracy

Avatar small By norton on Oct 19 2016
Incredible quality - students use it daily

The Makerbot 5th gen is the third 3D printer I've acquired for use in a student research/educational environment.  I have been so pleased with the system, anytime anyone suggests an interest in 3D printing, I have boundless good things to say about the Makerbot.  One must pay attention to the resolution listed, since it is not a miracle machine, but it does well live up to its specs.  We almost never have incomplete prints, and we feel comfortable leaving a complex print overnight.  Not something we could say about all printers.  The cost of filament is very reasonable, and of course, much of the printed object, in many cases, can be "hollow" ,  or made using a pattern that results in a low density center/core, but a quite presentable surface finish. Aside from changing the paper that the print is made on, there is hardly any upkeep.  The filament never hangs up on us either.  This 3D printer easily enables students to make prototypes just about as fast as they can test the model and design a newer version.  If we do want a better quality print, it is great to be able to test the .stl to make sure we really know that the file will generate what we want before we submit it to a more expensive system for fabrication.  Could not be happier with the system, and we don't even use the camera system to watch the print, long distance, via the web ! 

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