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GD Ring - Edge
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Small 10430368 907598682584214 1082665461420392456 n By alexander_polak on Oct 20 2016
Self upgraded Delta

Well if you want to study all difficulties of 3D printing go for Delta kinematics. 

Hard to calibrate, difficult to print flexible materials, printable area much smaller then the bed, might have distortions near to the edges of print area. 

For a newbie I would suggest Decart kinematics, it is more straight forward in many things. 

But to have more fun and have these exciting triangles working go for Delta!

Small myself 03 ok By Merioz3D on Oct 23 2016
deltaWasp 2040

I am very satisfied with my deltaWasp, it is a reliable and well-built, fully open source. This printer has a heated bed and allows you to print different filaments. I had a small problem with the sd card and bad sd card  was promptly replaced. But isn't a user-friendly machine, It requires a minimum of experience to properly use and calibration.

Have a nice print!

Avatar small By Steve Holmes on Oct 25 2016
Micromake version1 with D1 firmware and upgrades

The Micromake delta mini is available in kit form from AliExpress or direct from the manufacturer. Mine is about a year old but recently the manufacturer upgraded it to injection moulded parts which can be bought separately. They have uploaded the video assembly instructions to Youtube , so it is very easy to build. The auto bed levelling uses a microswitch attached to the hotend, so no offset is needed. The firmware can now be uploaded from a modified version of Cura that contains a very accurate auto bed levelling routine. You can adjust all parameters for a flat bed with one click. I can set 0.15mm across the entire 170mm diameter build plate. I bought the option with a heated bed which allows both PLA and ABS to stick firmly during printing. You are not limited to Cura for printing, however, as I use Mattercontrol once the bed is levelled and stored in firmware. I have printed hundreds of items in both PLA and ABS with very little adjustment.  I have also added a few personal features from Thingiverse such as a quick release for the glass bed and a filament holder at the top.  I recommend this kit for the hobbyist with a little experience in building things, especially if you enjoy building as well as using.

Avatar small By PikesPeak3D on Mar 17 2017
FLSUN Kossel 3D Delta Printer from 3DPrintersBay is fantastic!

This 3D delta printer came as a kit, with the tools needed to assemble it. I did have to drill out a couple of parts to make it fit better, but that only happened a couple of times. The frame is extruded aluminum, and the corner pieces are injection molded. It came with a heated bed and a roll of black PLA. It's a great deal at $224 including shipping. Message me for more details if you want.

Small cat By ciobanuadrian1 on Nov 03 2017
Micromake D1 (Anycubic delta clone)

I bought this at it was available in my country, it is the best bang for the $ when it comes to delta printers.

Avatar small By LCB on Aug 07 2018
My delta printers* are highend to china

On one hand i have a few hobby grade ones.  Which work fine for small projects.  With mixed results till you fine tune them. Then i have a 500mmx265mm kossel with light break .001mm bed sensors and limit and home switchs with fiber optical filament readers and run out breaks.  So yeah printing at 200mm/minute at .2nozzle was great if you have 5 grand to blow! 5 days on hobby anycube one turns into 1 hour on the larger one.  Downside is power to run it at 1250 watts* for just the bed and hotend is costly.  Where the 150 mm anycube is 150watts at 25amps to run everything!

Avatar small By Barbara of partychic on Jul 15 2020
Delta tower by silhouette

I enjoy this printer. Every thing I have made came out perfect.  Loading/unloading filament is easy. Studio 3 software is easy to learn and use. Great beginner 3d printer for the price.

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